Films where a character acquires a ship:

Sea Beast
The Princess Bride

Films where a studio executive made a terrible error in judgement:

The Matrix: Resurrections
Last Action Hero
The Beast Must Die

Films with a helicopter fight:

Top Gun Maverick
Tropic Thunder
The Puppet Masters

Films where a protagonist dies but the plot continues:

Edge of Tomorrow
Cabin in the Woods

Alt - Even more movies where a scary creature claws its way up from underground!

Films where a scary creature claws its way up from underground:

Army of Darkness
The Boogens

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when the creator of octocat adventures* speaks, you listen. David Oreilly is dead on.

*and other dope shit too

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Films that are secret leftist propaganda:

Chicken Run (Collectivism)
WarGames (CND)

Movies starting people who were also in Babylon 5:

Star Trek VI

Films where terrible stuff happens to/in Australia:

Tank Girl
Mad Max Fury Road
Pacific Rim

Movies that reference a lot of other movies:

Dr Strange and the multiverse of madness
Chip 'n Dale

Films with a Myers in them:

Better Off Dead
Hellboy (2004)

Films where someone dramatically reveals a letter (and Christopher Lloyd does an exellent scream):

Back to the Future
Back to the Future Part II
Back to the Future Part III
Who framed Roger Rabbit

Movies where the hubris of man gets you eaten by giant lizards/bugs:

Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Jurassic Park
Starship Troopers

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Movies where a has-been makes an incredible comeback:

Rescue Rangers
The Mummy
Ocean's Eleven

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Wir müssen uns den Realitäten stellen und endlich anerkennen, dass Bürgersteige keine Zukunft mehr haben und weg müssen!

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Not tech related:

Roommate/homeowner wants to tile his countertops. We measure everything carefully. Note down the sizes of each section in inches. Add them all up. OK, this tile is sold in square feet. No problem, just divide by 12...

We had a LOT of extra tile.

Movies where a dark and demonic force has some real odd sexual hangups:

Friday the 13th
Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny

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