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Transparency Reports ✅

We’d like to announce that we’re suspending for spam, advertising, and missing rules from their about/more section (we don't consider that having to go through two pages outside of the switter instance to be a proper way to list rules).

We may revoke the suspension if switter admins add the rules to their rules section, and aim to also fix the other issues.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience switter users that did not participate to the spam & advertising may experience.

Upgrade to Mastodon 2.3.3 incoming, expect a short downtime while the instance reboots.

Meow social was updated to 2.3.0!
The update didn't go as smoothly as we'd have liked, the instance didn't reboot as it should have, and needed a quick fix and manual reboot, we apologise for the inconvenience.

-NK is now blocked (suspended, rejected media) on

This instance is obscure. Doesn't respect the Mastodon's license. In addition, it could monetize our data without our consent.

Meow social was updated and is now running Mastodon 2.2.0!

Nomaxice here!
Paw emojos are all in and up to mutant standard 0.1.0 !

What's next?
Probably adding the claws ones, for our scaly friends, not today as it will take time, but hopefully soon enough.

Enjoy the paws until then!
:pawfx90_v: :noma: :pawx80_tup:

Nomaxice here, got some free time so I will begin the emojo update!
Some will be changed and might not work properly during/after the update because of changed names.

✅ Issue resolved : 21GB of disk space is free now.

Remote files accumulate and are not cleaned automatically by the system.

I added manually the cleaning routine at midnight each day.


Cleaning operations are in progress.

I requested a refund, in accordance with the guaranteed level of service they must provide. (SLA).

I seriously consider moving the instance to a dedicated server.

It can not continue. Lags networks, network cuts and a service that works only halfway.

Scaleway is just a piece of shit.

Thanks to scaleway for their true network experiencies.

Following a preventive maintenance to increase AMS1 network capacity, one core router failed and is not coming back up.


🇫🇷 vient d'être mis à jour en v2.1.3 !

🇬🇧 has been upgraded to the version 2.1.3 ! has been restarted to change the kernel. The new kernel contains fixes for the Meltdown attack.

Further reboots will take place at Scaleway's discretion (Hypervisor, microcode) to eraticate the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

We are informed that Scaleway will reboot our servers for perform a security upgrade on their hypervisor.

A maintenance window has been scheduled between the 01/04/18, starting at 7am UTC and the 01/06/18, ending at 7am UTC

During this maintenance, our servers will be unavailable for a few minutes during the reboot phase.

More information here : has been restarted to update the Linux kernel.

🇫🇷 La limite du nombre de caractères des biographies sur a été augmenté à 200 caractères. Soyez créatifs !

🇬🇧 The characters limit in your profile (bio) on has been increased to 200 characters. Be creative!

I launched a task to freeing disk space on The server will be slowed down slightly for about 30 minutes.

🇫🇷 vient d'être mis à jour en v2.1.0 !

🇬🇧 has been upgraded to the version 2.1.0 !

Changelog here =>

Account Migration
Memorial Accounts
Improved Muting
Hide Boosts from people you are folliwing
Block direct messages from people you don't follow
Integration with PeerTube
(and sutffs for admins)