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It's the 1st of May, but we still work to make sure meow runs, and y'all can have a good time here!

If you feel like tossing a coin our way, we have a few places available!




As always, any donation is highly appreciated, big or small, but of course, is not necessary, we appreciate y'all being here on this adventure on the fediverse, since… April 2017, 3 years already since last month… Thank you!

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After close to 2 years of meowing on the fediverse, we decided to open donations for meow!
Currently they will be used to pay @Nomaxice for his full time moderation work on meow.
Depending on how things evolve from there, we may dedicate some of the funds to pay for the hosting fees (currently handled by @Tiwy57 )

You can do a one time donation at

Or chose to do a recurring donation on

Any donation, no matter how small, is appreciated!

The certificate renewal process has been fixed, with the implementation of a watchdog service that will monitor some essential services, like to prevent the OOM Killer from stopping essential services.

Setting up automatic processes is easy!

But if they don't start automatically when you haven't touched the configuration for 8 months ......

Live my life as a system administrator. certificate is renewed, manually. Normally it should be triggered automatically.

OOM have killed cron.

Remember to use content warnings for political and major events, take care of everyone's mental health in these tough times was offline, we came back.
The server ran out of disk space. The services went to safety.

After a cleanup, we recovered 230GB of disk space, which is half of what we have.

The cleanup process should have been triggered earlier, as this could have been avoided. We will implement corrective measures.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience.

DDOS attack on

Our site will be a bit slow for the next few hours while we mitigate. The protection of OVH's anti DDoS system is in progress.

Are we taking the rainbow off the mascot in a week? It's your decision.

Yes, goes rainbow.

Hey folks!
We understand there's quite a bit to take in, for being new here, however, this does not mean you shouldn't check out the rules at !
Mainly, the content warning policy which is the bulk of issues that are coming up so far!

Anything lewd or otherwise that falls under CW policy requires you to explain what's sensitive about your post/media(s) by using the little "CW" button!

Are you using the "official" app on mobile and struggling with certain things?

We recommend trying a third party app, or using the mobile web interface.

Let's be honest, the so called official app is kinda junk as of now and it's missing core features third party apps do support (like local timeline), let alone the web interface which works surprisingly well on mobile!


If you are unsure whether something needs a CW, you can review the /about/more of your instance for the rules which generally outline this.

In our case, it's under !

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We're all here to have a good time, mind other folks and be kind, if you see something that should be marked as sensitive and CWed, or that is straight up hostile and against the rules of your instance, use the report function! It'll be read by actual creatures, not an automated system!

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On the fediverse, there's this great feature, people can add a content warning to their posts, for exemple, political rants, lewd pictures, blood, or even what you might not think as important to CW at first such as eye contact or food!

On fedi, proper content warnings actually make your posts more susceptible to be shared as most folks care for the comfort of others!

You can add a content warning with the little "CW" button under the text box!

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This can be set per post with what's by default the little globe icon under the text box.

Default post privacy can be set from your account settings, here

Note, you can also "lock" your account, so you can approve follow requests instead of having people follow you independently from post privacy!
To require approval of follow requests, see under

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With all the new folks here & other servers, here's a quick cheat sheet for posting!


You can set your post to be:
-Public (showing on the public timelines on top of to your followers)
-Unlisted (still publicly viewable and sent to followers, but not the public timelines, this is what you'd get on twitter with an open account)
-Followers only (Only your followers can see it, like how it is with a private account on twitter)
-Direct: (Does not show to anyone but mentioned people)

Wanna find folks to follow but overwhelmed by the federated timeline's pace?

You can check out the local profile directory for people that are right here on meow!

This isn't a rule, but something that is greatly appreciated across the fediverse: Image captions!
Simply click the bottom of the image where it says "no description added" and type in a little bit about what you're posting. This helps out all users, not just ones who are visually impaired!

for twitter critters: Locking your account so you can decide who you want following you is /completely separate/ from your posts only being visible to your followers - and you can do that on a per-post basis, regardless of whether your account is locked or not!

Are you used to tweetdeck?
You can enable a tweetdeck like interface from your account settings labeled as "advanced interface" just bellow the language and theme selectors!

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