Judging by all the rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning last night, I think that @Azure came to visit overnight in quite the big mood


Going to use my mouse left handed and nobody can stop me

clone tf, directed at reader 

Yari: Hey, you should become one of me (with consent). Ever wondered why there are so many Yaris? :>

plurality, fictive, wings of fire 

Jewel: the more i think about it, the more I think I like being a rainwing over a skywing. Mangos and fruit are amazing, the rainforest is really neat, and honestly i think the whole vibe fits me from what i know.

I didn't actually realize how much I needed to just do something for myself that wasn't sitting in twitch chat all day. I do like my friends and they are wonderful streamers, IMO, but sometimes I need a short break from my usual routine there.

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I'm happy that after years of only enjoying games online, i'm finally getting into playing games offline that I actually want to play instead of just playing ones I can socialize with. Yeah it's just Out of the Park Baseball but I can finally take something at my own pace.

I think my computer mouse is finally on the way out, the scroll wheel is starting to be inconsistent after about 6ish years. Not bad for a knockoff mouse on clearance.

food (meat) 

My roommate made some hecking amazing beef strips with Szechuan pepper corns, Korean pepper paste (that i already forgot the name of 😅), diced red peppers, and morita chili peppers. This was an amazing breakfast and going to be an even better work lunch.

Hi, hello, We're the Dekis, one of many plural systems on fedi! We're one of the admins of We try our best along with the other admins to make the fediverse a safe and welcoming place.

Outside of fedi, We'll often be playing Out of the Park Baseball, Euro Truck Simulator, American Truck Simulator, or any number of other relaxing games. Sometimes We'll post about them here! Hope y'all enjoy the site!


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