Jewel: I'm dragon! Rainwing technically, but dragon!

Splatoon 3 

This game is fun, but it's not my kind of fun. I'd probably play it for the splatfests and that's about it, so I'll probably skip it unless there's a very deep discount. It plays nicely, but I think I'll stick to my manager games like Motorsport Manager or OOTP Baseball.

Plurality (positive) 

Being told that you are one of the reasons someone felt comfortable enough to explore finding themselves and discovering they're a system really does warm my heart ❤️
I'm so happy for them and that they're doing well!

I feel like i need to do more cleaning in preparation for the move but i already took yesterday off.


Yari: Current mood, nine-headed sergaltaur

It's interesting that some years ago I was more into multiplayer video games but now I'm finding myself enjoying single player ones more and maybe chilling with folks in a call together, parallel play or otherwise.


Oops I might be on a minor league baseball kick again. It is rather nice to just pick any game out of roughly 100, load up an audio stream, and just have that on at almost any time.

multifur, paws, hyper paws (giant paws), minor property damage 

Yari: Myself and glassware have not had a great relationship. Turns out, that's true even in @Nomaxice's lab where I accidentally spilled an experiment on myself. I got just a bit distracted and uh, oops..
Art: @wizlicos

multifur, micro, shrinking 

Yari: Sometimes, racing can be just a little challenging. Even more so when you're shrinking mid race. Don't sweat the small stuff, right? Though I don't think I'll be setting a record time this race :vlpn_blush:
Art: @wizlicos

macro, megamacro, gigamacro 

Rem: Sometimes, I enjoy a nice stroll when the weather is pleasant. Sometimes, I also enjoy being quite big. Occasionally, both moods overlap and this is the result.
Art: @wizlicos

Apparently the starman theme from origami king is sticking in my head today despite having never played the game.


Judging by all the rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning last night, I think that @Azure came to visit overnight in quite the big mood


Going to use my mouse left handed and nobody can stop me

clone tf, directed at reader 

Yari: Hey, you should become one of me (with consent). Ever wondered why there are so many Yaris? :>

plurality, fictive, wings of fire 

Jewel: the more i think about it, the more I think I like being a rainwing over a skywing. Mangos and fruit are amazing, the rainforest is really neat, and honestly i think the whole vibe fits me from what i know.

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