Hello everyone! I've been lurking here for a couple of days, occasionally replying to things, and I should probably officially introduce myself.

I'm pretty new to the whole furry thing. I know basically nothing about how any of this stuff works. But I'd like to learn. :)

I'm also interested in (mostly , ) and 3D design with .

(I'm new to Mastodon as well. It still feels weird tagging things inline like that.)

So, I've heard mention of characters -- is being a furry kind of like roleplaying?

@IceWolf As mentioned by others, the exact nature varies. Pretty much every furry has a "character." An avatar they use in furry spaces. This can be relatively straight forward (a picture of wolf/tiger/fox) or it can be a more complicated piece of artwork (see my icon).

@IceWolf Of note, it should also be mentioned that some furs are anthro (standing upright), some are feral (meaning four legged) and some are a mix.

How you use your avatar/character is entirely up to you. It can just be you, it can represent a particular part of yourself, it can be a personality that is totally different from you, and pretty much anything and everything in between.

@IceWolf The definition of furry is (generally) people who have an affinity for anthropomorphic (or just anthromorphic) animals. This means situations where human qualities and characteristics are given to animals.

Those quality/characteristics can range from animals with human thoughts (think Homeward Bound and The Lion King) to an animal wearing clothes and going to a job (think Robin Hood and Zootopia).


@IceWolf How you choose to display your avatar/character can change from one moment to the next. For the most part, there really are no rules.

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