While I understand the appeal of CWs and the request to hide explicit material, I question the drive to curate posts in favor of a heteronormative, non-furry viewpoint.

I actually saw someone partially broach this subject a while ago with the subject of CWing fursuits.

Yes I understand not everyone is into them and some are outright bothered by them...but this IS a furry instance?

I'm also somewhat bothered by tendencies to hide displays of same-sex affection.

And you could say "Well all displays of affection should be CW" but given the queer leanings of a large number of Mastodon users, and the commonplace display of heterosexual affection in all media, that feels...off.

I guess this is a long way of saying that you can CW what you like, but I'm just not okay with hiding my sexuality and/or status as a furry on an instance that is supposed to serve an a safe, open place.


And if that in turn bothers you and makes the space uninhabitable...you're either in the wrong space or maybe you should block me?

I'm not trying to throw down ultimatums, but if I'm not comfortable hiding and you're not comfortable seeing, we're at a impasse and need not bother even interacting.

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