@ReynardMcLain How's Mastodon working for you? I understand that it serves different purposes than Facebook, but I am wondering if it could serve as a valid replacement overall. It certainly has for me, but I may have different needs.

@david I switched from Facebook to G+ as soon as I got a first wave invite, and switched here when G+ went away. Haven't really felt the need for Facebook.

@BalooUriza I balance this and Twitter. I wouldn't mind getting rid of Twitter, but it isn't a drain on me yet and in some ways more active.

What I'd really like to get fixed is the number of instant messaging apps that I balance!

@david Yeah, Google Voice for SMS, Telegram, plus work has Hangouts Chat and Google Meet, plus a few people won't let old Google Hangouts die, and there's a few folks still stuck in the 90s that I can only reach via IRC...

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