Shapeshifter, but lazy, so they only use their power to make sure their feet are good fits in the shoes they already had.

This "conversation" happens just about every day.

Me (talking to my cat): Aww, I love you so much. 😘 Such a sweetheart.

Partner (reading and not really paying attention): Aww, I love you too. 😘

Me (to cat): ... 🤫

Partner is watching Tier Zoo and told me to watch a quick clip.

It turned out to be to the intro to a whole video about rodents and it's so cute and I'm so happy right now.

Not a huge fan of the series but squirrels and their tiny rodent cousins are such a great way to start any day.

My tiny aggro-kitty is super affectionate today and keeps coming over to cuddle and be held. She doesn't normally like that for long.

Also, she's soooooo purry. It's very nice.

"Can you teach me to change shapes?"
"I wish I could," the shapeshifter said, "I wish everyone could try shapes until they found a few they like."
"A few?"
"Or maybe one. But most of us have a few we are really at home in."
"You're almost always a cat."
"It's one of what I am."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Woo vacation.

I have a list of things I want to do during it and the top two are relax and sleep, so...I guess I'm doing good!

I should probably try to do *something* actually productive with the rest of the day though.

thinkin' about furries 

You know, I don't want to make any kind of grand pronouncements about how "everyone is a furry" or anything, but if you say you made it to your 20s without having had the teeniest tiniest crush on some animated anthropomorphized critter or another, you're either a liar or a coward.


Hello! I've been on Mastodon for quite awhile and I'm sure I already have a few people from here followed at other accounts. But I've been curious about this instance and finally signed up. Seeing the posts this morning makes me glad I did - instant cheer-up.

I'm into comics, other books, tabletop RPGs (mostly Fate), collecting toys, and all things cute. PC games occasionally but *super* casual.

I write stuff. Currently working on Fate resources and some zines.

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