thinking abt driving 600km into the middle of nowhere

ough i slept a solid 16 hours after a 40 hour night shift week

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my work blocks mastodon for some reason

my civic has taken me to some beautiful places! i dont plan on getting rid of it

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i dont plan on paying to have it serviced, i have sufficient wrenching abilities to do most of those jobs myself (not the suspension, but i have to do everything else first, lol)

the car means a lot to me sentimentally, the biggest job im worried abt right now is doing a clutch, that would be a difficult driveway repair

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shop wants 2k in work done to my car
i sent it in for a diagnosis of a clunk in the front end (its sway bar ends, theyve been a known issue with this car), but they say the brakes are metal on metal, which is?? weird??? i haven't heard or felt issues with the brakes, they say it also has a leaky strut
it also needs coolant and oil, and the sparkplugs have literally never been changed
eventually im gonna put a short shifter in it from acuity, and maybe lower it?? it would fix my strut issues 1/2

augh i really wanna go but the price of gas here

interesting tweak i did to my android
wallpaper changer app
had it for years and it makes my lockscreen a lot more interesting
it picks between 12 images and changes every unlock

family issues venting sexual harrassment (?) 

ugh this family is so dysfunctional (twt repost)

being forced to be with your abusive mother for a week because your grandmother died
and then your remaining grandfather refusing to use my real name, while checking me out while im in my semi-nice clothes for the funeral
I had to fix his computer from viruses and they were all from trans porn fetish sites
he also abused one of his sons so hard for being gay he moved to Vancouver and never came back

happy pride month
i rly wish the pride parade here was during pride month
but its also 10 million billion degrees here during pride month
so it happens in august

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i can't believe they've done it again, in broad daylight, in front of the house where my child sleeps. disgraceful. what a salacious display

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furry art, alcohol (re-upload) 

i cant get him out of my head

oops i forgot i had a mastodon account for like a week

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relatable computer experience, frustrating 


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