Just wanted to take this moment to mention what a tremendously under rated game is. If you haven’t played it, you should. :)

3 cats have outmaneuvered their 2 humans to hold a blender hostage for weeks - NPR


If you use “Speak Screen” on iOS to listen to web pages, and it keeps stoping before reading all the way to the end. Make sure that “Words and sentences” are marked not just words. It will cause the page to advance and keep it reading.

The Hay days of the mechanical typewriter were from the late 1930’s to the mid 1960’s. Meaning most of the best mechanical typewriters are at least 60 years old.

I love, my desk mats. I hate, that they’re constantly wrinkling from me leaning on them.

Fun fact, most vintage typewriters don’t have a 1 key. But you could still easily type a 1 on them. The is because the lower case l was also used as the 1 key.
But looking at the row of number keys, on most classic typewriters it goes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0.

That moment when you find exactly what you need, just too much of it. I’d happily have bought 500 sheets of this, but I don’t need 12lb of it! o.O.

Also, that recommendation for an alternative is pretty shit. No one that’s looking for thermal paper wants to buy regular paper. It literally won’t work.


Also, while I’m talking about music, I just have to say, while bluetooth has gotten pretty good, my $20 wired Sony cans and a good lossless audio source are so much better. Can only imagine how good this would sound on some primo cans.

Okay, as long as I’ve been a fan of UB40, I did not know that “Red Red Wine” was a cover of a Neil Dimond song!

Feeling in a strangely 80’s mood right now, first three songs I had to play, “Hungry like the wolf” by Duran Duran, “Africa” by Toto, and “Red Red Wine” by UB40.

Sitting up at 23:42 because I can’t sleep. Was supposed to be up at 02:00 anyway so I guess no great loss. Ugh.

I’ve been part of that group for a while, most of the things I’ve written start on single purpose devices like a typewriter. And it’s encouraging to see that these machines won’t just drift off into obscurity as was once thought.

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So I’m watching this video, and some of the kids in the video didn’t know what a typewriter was, because they’d never seen one. It’s interesting because we’re seeing a typewriter renaissance right now.

The singularity of purpose and visceral feel of typing, especially on a mechanical typewriter is definitely a draw, especially for people that have trouble focusing when using a computer or tablet with it’s myriad of distractions.

My sister telling me about how the weather is so nice today in Maine, have to go and see it one of these days.

I didn’t give too much thought when it first came out, I usually don’t play too many puzzle games. But I grabbed it recently and now I can’t stop playing it! Genuinely fun stuff! :)

While those who use Windows solely for gaming may go on using it for years, everyone else is slowly, surely, marching away from it as other OS’s prove more secure and more difficult for hackers and malware makers to compromise. Recent case in point.


It occurs to me that putting Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS means Nintendo could have put at least some Game Cube games onto even that hardware, which makes me wonder what they could really have done with the 3DS, and more importantly today, what they could really do with the Switch if they chose to.

And then I realized our house looks like Squidward. Haha!

I can honestly say after using the 8GB M1 Mac mini that I’m still genuinely surprised at how well it performs and what it can do. If this is the future for Mac, I’m all for it. And I’m curious to see what PC makers will do with ARM if M powered Macs continue to show success.

That moment when your dog sticks just their head through the doggie door.

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