One of hte downsides to mornings that start really early, I keep thinking that it's 5-6 hours later in the day than it is. I was just thinking it had to be like 16:00, it's 11. o.O

Got it! Was able to catch it using my hand and a sheet of paper. It’s safely back outside now. :)

We have a tiny visitor. I want to put it back outside, but it’s so little I’m afraid I’d crush it trying to catch it in my big clumsy hands.

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We’ll; not that we didn’t see this coming from a mile away, but I just got an official email announcing Google Stadia will be shutting down on January 18th 2023.

says this is , but the second highest ingredient on the ingredients list is which is effectively absolutely a sugar. That’s bullshit.

Stay safe my fellow Floridians, especially if you're on the Gulf Coast right now.

I really wish Blur was still on the market, I've seen so many people try to get it since it was removed from Steam's market and it would really be awesome to have more folks to play it with.

So I was yesterday old when I found out that if you use an adapter to use a USB-a cable in a USB-c charger, it won't fast charge any device that relies on communication with the charger to fast charge. The adapter doesn't transfer the data. It has to be a USBc cable.

Radiant Silvergun just released for the Switch! One of my favorite Saturn games! :)

While I can pull off a veneer of normalcy, it is sometimes thrown back upon me heavily just how damaged I've become over the years. Trying to recover from being literally shaky and feeling like I'm going to throw up because of anxiety attack over something I can't control.

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Something to consider for the folks that want more privacy and control over their phone, but don't want to stop using Android.

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