Plushy had organized a movie night with Machu. He had a particular request that she accepted naively and innocently.

However, Plushy seems to have underestimated the size of the pikachu...<w<

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A fighting stick inspired by magician's sticks and bô. A bô is a fighting stick, often made of wood. We often practice with, a fighting art called bôjutsu.

Instead of having the traditional crystal at the end of a stick, it's metal with magic property for more strength on each side.

Maybe less powerful than magician's sticks in terms of magic but combined with the art of fighting (especially the bôjutsu) and the magic, it can make it a powerful weapon.

Art by https://www.deviantart.

Adventure Machu_Mask
The mask gives a slightly more mysterious and menacing side, which makes an interesting contrast.
The mask is not only there to make pretty, it has some utilities.

Art by anonymous

Machu Beach
Just Machu who has too much ice cream, she has not noticed yet...
The irony is that she wanted to pay attention to her weight...<w<

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