Loud beeps / Flickery graphics 

i created a chip-8 emulator/interpreter in the past week and its quite functional

Floating-point numbers are numbers that float on water, if ur number is not buoyant it's a Sinking-point number

My sleep schedule is in complete Disrepair

my English class is finally over

i will Never have to take an English class ever again 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

brb rewriting the linux kernel in Microsoft Basic

After four days of moving, we are finally Done

Wild Dog Is Tired

dolphin emulator is great, u can crash the virtual gamecube without crashing the program

i woke up early today and now I feel super powerful

im moving this weekend and im not looking forward to my internet being Out for like several days

dam, im almost half way done with this eClass

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