my 6502 implementation appears to have passed for at least the official instructions test for the NES

speaking of emulators, im starting to make another one, for the NES uwu

waiting for these final grades to come in😭

Only 3 Final Exams and an Essay or two away from the finish line 🎓

the other day i was in class and i stretched in my seat so Hard, i felt that i was Astral Projecting

damn, its a little over a week until my birthday :0

whenever i get sick with like a cold and lose my voice, theres always a period of time where i forget what i originally sounded like

hate it 😫

without much trouble i got my emulator working on Linux.

the entire codebase was not at all platform specific, so not too much of a surprise but i had not tested it on linux until now !!

after a few days i have come back with MBC3 support, meaning that Pokemon Blue and Red are now playable !!

i now have a full implementation of the MBC1 cartridge type, and along with fixing some bugs with the implementation of the PPU, Super Mario Land 2 is now playable on my gameboy emulator (w/o saves)

im happy to announce that my emulator boot and actually play tetris !!

no audio just yet, i plan to implement cartridge mapping next to boot pokemon and other titles and see how those games fare, but this is a Big milestone

my emulator has full PPU support now !!

that means it can now draw sprites and the window layer

loaded up a rom of dr mario

still need to implement sprites but that background rendering looks pretty Good

i fixed the bug :)

literally a typo in a single line😫

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