I really need to improve my workflow... I spend way too much time noodling instead of making any real progress! XC


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"I wish I can do too"...

At this age, I should have big achievements, but can't afford it. I'm still a simple living guy with a lot of personal problems to deal with... I wonder when I could have the changes I really need to start a life where I can shine.

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Looooong weekend! ( α—’α—¨α—• )
Now I can finally get some time to work on commissions~

Oooh, do me! (β•Ήα—œβ•Ή)

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Do you know what’s a fun Twitter game? Ask your followers how tall you are. There are a ridiculous amount of people here that accurately predict height from vibes.

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I can't wait to learn animation! Gonna make so many growing cuties~ (/β–½οΌΌ*)qoβ—‹β™‘

...just gotta learn how to make animatable characters... >.>

Went to replace a flat tire on my bike, and the rear derailleur snapped XC

Guess I'm busing to work tomorrow... TTnTT

Emails sent to commissioners! I'll be getting to those on the waitlist once I finish the first two slots uwu

Closing commission slots! I'm going to message the people I selected at a bit of a better hour ^^;

Commissions are open~!

I'll be closing form submissions later today. Afterwards I'll select two, and then get to whoever is on the wait-list!


I forgot to post earlier, but here's my commission info for when I open tomorrow!

I'll just be doing busts, and they'll be around $50-$65 USD, depending on complexity


I also talked to my boss about getting fewer shifts so I can work on commissions, as well as get some better study time in! (Β΄κ’³`)β™‘

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Finally got a decent commission form and info page made! I'll be opening up two slots tomorrow morning~!

I feel like it didn't turn out as well as it should have... I really struggled with lighting and post-processing, and she doesn't have as much personality as she deserves >~<
But it does give me more ideas for next time! (oΟ‰o❁)

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