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hi new followers! I'm pretty slow here on masto right now. But I'm hoping to possibly move over here permanently in the future! Hope you enjoy my doodles and photography. ✌️


I feel like I want to just break down and cry and throw things and quit my job and live in a box, cold and alone, and just wait for death to take me away from all this bullshit.

@camomilecookies heeeeeeey did you just join telegram??? If so, yaaaas


A lot has happened in the past month and I think the stress is finally taking a toll on me. I'm being strong for my fiancée, to the best of my ability, because she's had it harder than me. But my stress and anxiety are so bad now, I feel like a zombie, I've lost most sense of emotion, I'm constantly nauseous, I come home and just want to sleep, and I fear I may make myself too sick to work at this rate.

I'm already hating 2019 and we're only 9 days in.

Hey folks, sorry I keep forgetting to post over here too. Have some recent art stuff for your faceballs.

I feel like poss-posting!! (art by vcrshark on twitter!)


Finally got to take my new 8mm fisheye lens out to do some astrophotography.

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