Oh hey I'm back! It's been a while.


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...This is basically the same as my last post. Wherf.

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I uh, I seem to have come out suddenly and I'm as surprised as anyone else in here. I'll probably go back into the back shortly.

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switching adventures 

Welp, I seem to have lost the front to Frost and then Ylfingr. Do I want to claw my way back out?

...I think I'm doing that instinctively anyway.

Emotional energy? I'm doin' well!
Motivational energy? Nnnnnnnngh.

Yip! Guess I'm out again, that's cool! *wag*

Would anyone be interested in a stream today?

....I kinda feel like we've already streamed everything worthwhile and from now on anytime I stream'll just be boring repetition, but I don't know if that's actually the case. >,,<

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Interesting how I evidently have different username-capitalization preferences than @topaz. :3

[context: we share a head!]

It surprised everyone else in here too when I wanted my name capitalized, but Ylfingr's telling me he'd want his capitalized too, if he had his own account.

I want to have more of a personality beyond "bright and bubbly and likes speedrunning Distance". >,,>

...Fenris says it's more than he has. I guess so, but still.

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vague social behavior griping 

people are not under some obligation to communicate all their thoughts to you, personally, as perfectly as possible and accompany them with any needed justification or reasoning for why they're ok thoughts to have. sometimes u can just go "i don't get this" or "i don't agree" quietly to yourself inside your own brain and move on

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Having my own account is an amazing feeling. If you're considering it, I /highly/ recommend it.

Seriously. It takes the default of interaction from "just another part of someone else" to "of course you're your own person". It's huge.

I must be fronting, we've been a lot more competitive in Distance suddenly. :3

Okay, having conversations with headmates using our different accounts is FAR too much fun. :3

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