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Want to draw, but can't do the fine motor control to get the lines looking right? Or are you frustrated by constantly having to erase and redo and not just being able to build the line that you see in your head?

Try ! No fine motor skills required, all you need is an eye for where the lines should go.

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How To Build A Person: Self-Growth Edition.

Aaaa I have no idea how to do this.

But it's neat how we tend to start as like, kinda one-dimensional, and then /build ourselves out/ as time goes on.

Hey what're some good furry relays to plop on our instance?

Okay I don't get how the federated timeline works.

If it's just people who critters on the instance follow, why are there a few people on our own instance's FTL that we aren't following?

Not many, though.

misinfo, micro? 

Hercules, tiny women.

nonsense, technically food maybe 

semiserious chocolate

Hey what're some good furry relays to plop on our instance?

Funko pops imply the existence of funko pushes.

domains, vore 

Oh, huh, it looks like our registrar (Njalla) just can't do .us domains. There goes that.

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domains, vore 

Also there's the .us requirements shit to worry about, if they have any; domainhacks might not be feasible. :<

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domains, vore 

So there's at least one instance under maybe we should pick up at some point and make similar. :3

Although I hope people wouldn't think we're affiliated with the instance people, because like, we don't know the critters running that at all.

Or well, set up a concurrent Pleroma instance. It'd be on a different subdomain.

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Extremely tempted to just say 'fuck it' and move our own instance to Pleroma.

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I hope people don't just go "use closed-source Elasticsearch, fuck off".

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