Sex Toy Pic 

First pic of 2020 and its . I don't have a name for the leather clad yena behind me yet so im just calling him "Biker Daddy" for now. Yknow what screw it, that's his name from now on, Biker Daddy (or just BD).

This started as just a standard wedgie pic, but then my mind ran away with it and it evolved into a Bal'Kar pic. Full description can be found here...

I think this just confirms my theory that theyre attempting to set up that art site to fail. Get all the accounts of all users who use that site and hold them for ransom to force the admin to ban adult content. If they refuse, purge all those accounts and destroy the income source of virtually every every artist in the fandom. (theres a lot of well known artists using it).

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Yet they're perfectly happy partnering with a certain adult furry art site to make a tip jar system πŸ€”

Decided at the last minute to go to the sheffield furmeet :-)

== Milkshake ==

Theres only one thing for a hot day like today. A cool refreshing Milkshake with a cute red panda attached 😊 Guest starring Kaitokrysch (

I have solved the ref sheet problem and can continue the YCH πŸ˜ƒ

But first nap time πŸ’€

Ok that was a good nap, now to continue with coloring in this YCH piece. I'll just open up FA to check their ref sheets and.....oh

Smelly Boi 

Anyone want a smelly hyox to cuddle? πŸ˜‰ There's a nice unoccupied dumpster here we can cuddle up in, or we could go back to your place and i can stink everything up for ya πŸ˜‰

After whats been a loong and tiring week at work im exited to be headin to lincoln to see a friend and also got the Lincoln furmeet tomorrow which will be awesome :-D

Only just woke up. Was so exhausted from work

Mild violence, implied vore 

Some random Half Life Fanart. These things are the reason i'm permanently looking up at the ceiling XD

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