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Hello I'm thr33/3/whatever

I make art and post

Feel free to interact with me!

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thr33 lore 

Every character I draw is nonbinary unless explicitly stated otherwise. This is the thr33 guarantee

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Drawn ec, anatomical weirdness, there's a lot of art but hopefully that's it 

Ok so in 2019 I said in I was going to draw daily in 2020. I had no faith I would actually do this, but somehow I have and I've been basically drawing daily now, compared to when I was drawing like twice a year before lmao. This was also the first year I posted online on a somewhat consistent basis (ignore my Twitter gallery, which has inch-deep dust on it) Anyway here's a cool collage I made to commemorate my 2020 art

Oh yeah I finally went thru the 2021 met. I think I've heard that everyone hated it? I think there was definitely quite a few good outfits, just felt like a lot of the biggest personalities just didn't show up, wasn't enough energy.

Ooh ooh wait I think this means I should probably see which fit was my favorite gimme one second-

Working out so I can pick up my friends and spin them around

drawn ec 

I actually wanted to go back and fix the lighting up but fuck it I gotta stop trying to make everything I post perfect. That lighting is going to irritate me but I will simply Pretend I Do Not See It

Also I forgot that this was supposed to be an example of this species I'm making whoops

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drawn ec 

Oh yeah I did this yesterday

Me: Hm I should learn this new painting style

Me, smiling: You'll go easy on the lighting, right?


Me, not smiling: You'll go easy on the lighting, right?

"Oh no the kids are stealing!" I, for one, am glad that kleptomania is coming back into fashion

The city is filled with emotion. With stories, and history, and lives, oh the lives. I want to drown myself in it, but fear it will drown me instead.

I guess I haven't mentioned it on here but every single stan I've known irl has been a black woman lmfao. Like, I've never been Online enough to verify this but I've always theorized that's how AAVE got misattributed as "stan language"

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"We all know Paramore was making music for the black gays" SIS
"Panic at the Disco too. KPop knows what they're doing." SIISSSSS

Me yesterday: I'm probably gunna get spoiled on Delta2ne so idk if I'll ever play it

Me today, opening every single cw:deltarune post: Wonder what this post says :) It's probably fine :)

Oh fuck I forgot to ever give context for this video,, I was watching this while I was busy doing shit but in it he said something that summed up how I felt about shit I've seen . I was just gonna make a post about that one part but by the time I finished the video I was like "shit I should just post the whole video these niggas need the help" So uh yeah lmfao

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I've been working on this for three months and it's finally done. 78 pages on the history of leather, sluts, and families at US Prides, from 1965 to 1995. Includes background on Pride as a polyvocal celebration and leather as a queer subculture; multifarious sexual and gender expression at Pride; the Lesbian Sex Wars; reaction from the right; and the interplay of radical and normalizing forces within LGBTQ activism.

I can't wait for corporate art to be a historical marker. Like seeing memphis pattern or jheri curls


Ah yes we all know the secret of what happens when you rearrange the letters in Deltarune..... "nut dealer".....

you ever think about how people can basically do whatever they want to you if you're poor because only rich people can afford to go to court

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