Life is a video game and I'm an S support rank with your wife

I'm glad that every human being can admit that fall is the best season

Dorian Electra said it's Christian Girl Autumn and I guess I'll have to stan

The only downside of wearing masks is that I can't spontaneously kiss my bro and confess my unending love, leading to us finally realizing that the feelings we have for each other are mutual and sparking a night that culminates in a passion fueled by years of repressed emotion and night-time yearning

When TV execs realize that all you have to do is have a cast of anthro characters to get every furry in existence to watch it's over for us.

This House Has People in it has a whole series??? πŸ‘€
It's over for you hoes, I'll never shut up

#hydrate please boost this post 10 times for me to drink a single glass of water and thereby rehydrate my mummy-like form

Drawn EC 

U ever start a sketch and never really stop

This is probably going to become a certain Wings e-boy

Masto users be thinkin they're hot shit then can't tell the difference between a wife guy and a wife and kids guy

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