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Hello I'm thr33/3/whatever

I make art and post

Feel free to interact with me!

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drawn ec 

Here's your official thr33 sanctioned 2021 art recap

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Drawn ec, anatomical weirdness, there's a lot of art but hopefully that's it 

Ok so in 2019 I said in I was going to draw daily in 2020. I had no faith I would actually do this, but somehow I have and I've been basically drawing daily now, compared to when I was drawing like twice a year before lmao. This was also the first year I posted online on a somewhat consistent basis (ignore my Twitter gallery, which has inch-deep dust on it) Anyway here's a cool collage I made to commemorate my 2020 art

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Sometimes I remember that not everyone has art programs on their devices

aw fuck sorry for saying something extremely weird and inappropriate, my passive proc'd

Very specific reference that has lived inside my mind for years now 

Grapes are easy to acquire and easy to eat

genitals, a whole mess, Another game-winning post by local legend thr33h3ad3ddragon 

Pissing shitting and vomiting after failing to find an adequate excuse to use the phase "contextual cuntsexual cuts sexual cup sectionals"

story (+) 

So earlier this year, one of my ninth graders transferred to another private school here. We were mystified: this student had friends, did activities, had good grades, parents were pretty supportive. (I know, because when the student asked to transfer, I was the teacher the parents asked to recommend the student to the new school.)

When the student left, it was with a sign from my classroom: a crappy little sun with sunglasses drawn a couple years ago by a kid who graduated last year.

@pixouls someone introduced me to the phrase “moving at the speed of trust” this week

Putting a Wings Discount on my Commissions sheet so I can capture the winged furs market

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I absolutely love drawing complicated designs. You got wings? Fuck yeah. Six arms? Sick. 800 different color patterns? Fuckin awesome.


Bro are you shitting me? 💩😳 :ms_sweat_drops: 🥵

Cops making up shit 

Listen, cops just make up shit, okay, give them a break!
~Lt. Chris Olivarez with the Texas Department of Public Safety

small mutual aid req 

I just got put on some new medications and I'm gonna need a few bucks so I can pick them up at the pharmacy. Thanks in advance.

Cash App: $kobilacroix

The first of these is Blaseball: The Card Game! We actually hit 100% funded yesterday, within 36 hours of launch, and now we're off into the stretch goals!

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