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Hello I'm thr33/3/whatever

I make art and post

Feel free to interact with me!

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Drawn ec, anatomical weirdness, there's a lot of art but hopefully that's it 

Ok so in 2019 I said in I was going to draw daily in 2020. I had no faith I would actually do this, but somehow I have and I've been basically drawing daily now, compared to when I was drawing like twice a year before lmao. This was also the first year I posted online on a somewhat consistent basis (ignore my Twitter gallery, which has inch-deep dust on it) Anyway here's a cool collage I made to commemorate my 2020 art

New aesthetics, hot off the press and delivered straight to your doorstep

blaseball meta, maybe a hot take idk dog 

Gonna come back to this and say that I'm not a fan of the idea that people should try not to get to attached to players. That's literally why I'm here, to get attached to the players. I'm fine with that sometimes leading to heartbreak or whatever, I'm fine with character death or change or whatever, but the expectation can't be that feeling some type of way is discouraged

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blaseball meta, maybe a hot take idk dog 

Currently not a big fan of the "there's nothing wrong with stealing from teams, you just have to get over it and rise above <3" stance. If you decide to take, arguably, the only good player from a team that objectively sucks I should be allowed to say "that's fucked up. you're fucked up for that."

Lewd, CW: date with the month put first 

Happy 3/6/21 furries

uspol, criminal justice (-) 

98% of defendants in federal criminal cases in 2019 never went to trial. If your choice is plead guilty to a crime to are innocent of and serve 3 years with a plea bargain or risk being sentenced to 30 years if you go to trial and lose, there’s a lot of pressure to take the plea...

Next time someone tries to shrug off prison conditions or disenfranchisement or abuse of prisoners because they β€œchose to break the law” remember that 98% never received a trial.

I said "Borat voice my wife" out loud because I don't actually know what Borat voice sounds like

This page is a

if you have brain cells

Have some blaseball art that I made because I saw a new team and got immediately sucked into the vibes

meta question 

If u have people/ domains blocked can they still reblog/like your stuff? Been gettin a lot of ghost notifications and this only became a problem after I started blockin

"Every gay loves [singer] 😌"
*Looks at singer*
*Singer is a white woman with a "I'm ethnically ambiguous" spray tan*

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White gays will be like "Look at our gay icon!" then point to a straight woman who's openly transphobic

"Yeah I can do my hair on a monday!" I said. "Even if I don't finish today I'll be free tomorrow!" I said. "Ok I ran out of time today so I'll put them in these ugly-ass twists, but I'll take them out soon." I said.

Did you know? If you find a himbo in the wild you're legally required to give them my number

Since technology has reached the point where video games are basically at the climax of realism, I hope that the hype for ultra-realism gives way soon to a rise in stylization

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