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PSA: With TFF around the corner, and with the coronavirus scare, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re on top of your basic hygiene, washing paws often, etc. It’s highly unlikely the virus would make it to TFF, better safe than sorry <3 AND HAVE FUN!

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When you are in and out of TSA pre ✔️ in less than 5 mins but you still gotta wait there for your friend who doesn't have it =<

Done with work. Just have to last till my flight tomorrow to tff =D

Just 2 more work days @.@

I just want to hang out with the dorky/nerdy fluffs I know~

Sometimes I kinda just wanna website design on the side for people/artist who need it. I feel bad when I see them use wordpress or sites like Weebly. It really can't do them justice

*going into work, not caring about Animal Crossing with the filters on so he can skip weed out those tweets*

It's not my cup of tea.

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