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Hello y'all!
I'm Teko an arctic fox from Spain currently studying computer engineering.

I love One Piece and Xenoblade Chronicles games

I also enjoy photography, making art and coding.

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500px and flickr suck, both have limits if you don't pay for a pro subscription. 500px also don't let you get your pictures with an API or RSS

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I finished the exams and finally I was able to draw these icons for the summer :D

I finished the exams and finally I was able to draw these icons for the summer :D

I love react and Material UI, is so simple and satisfying to build webs with them

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Surely someone else is as lazy as me when pushing to GitHub/Gitlab

RT You make commit messages?
I've got no time for that when this works fine:

while (true)
git add .
git commit -m "Some commit idk"
git push


A timelapse I took on sunday in Valporquero, LeΓ³n, Spain

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The best way of installing discord on is with .

I want it to be June please, I hate university

My mastodon experience so far:
70% of CW are just normal things that don't need CW.

I don't know if there is a joke like in twitter to mark everything as CW and then put something not CW or what

That feeling when you reinstall Linux in dual boot with Windows and everything goes well :revblobfoxinnocentpuppyeyes:

After testing the Raspberry OS it didn't convince me and I ended up installing Manjaro on my Raspberry Pi. Being arch based I can install from AUR and have more packages available.

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