One of the things that drives me crazy about VR stuff is the difficulty in accurately placing yourself when teleporting.

Obduction seems to think I want to make out with every interactable object.


I really do enjoy the sigil creation process. It's quiet and deliberate and forces slowing down and really considering things.


The Kybalion has to be one of the worst books I've ever read. Entirely self-referential. It drives me nuts that people recommend this.

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Pros of openly being a #furry online:
- Everyone mentally imagines you as *actually* your fursona
- Fellow furries interact instantly w/ respect
- Frequent compliments + opportunities to compliment others
- Followers = furries + LGBT positive or cool non-furries w/ good opinions

- n/a

Set up a personal wiki. Debating opening it to the wilds of the internet for remote reference. Would definitely keep it private with registration disabled though.

Understanding more of the fourth dictate: "to be silent."

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[bongo cat slaps hood of car]
This baby can fit so many crossovers in it
[slap slap]

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You: English pronunciation is random and lawless. It is a chaos language no one can make sense of.

Finally starting to grasp the concepts of an abyss or veil.

"have you seen this show?"

No, I don't really watch stuff, sorry.

"... You need to watch this other show."

... Goto 20

The beauty of being in some telegram chat just because the owner likes me is that they don't realize that I'm actually pretty skeeved out by the larger pattern and am collecting data for the inevitable denial of their horrible shit.

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Reminder that "blockchain" is the thing where Ken parries every hit of Chun-Li's critical art

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