Odra river eco-catastrophe 


We still know nothing 😡😡😡😡😡

, oh my god... 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

we will never shut up about antiblackness on here until y'all do something about it, period.

If you're tired of people talking about it, you're probably part of the problem. :blobcatsip:

don't @ me

just the amount of white foolishness I've seen on here the past couple of days have been just

Honestly embarrassing for y'all.

get your people.

Education, depressing (?) 

I feel kinda sad that I will not begin any studies this year - even though "suddenly" my mother "has" money (cause, apparently, she "didn't have" it before). But I am not in a mental condition, I think. Plus I am 30 - I literally cannot spend 10 years at a uni to become a PhD.

But we'll, since 10 years of my life had been stolen from me, I does not matter much now, I think?


I am watching and... it is just me, or is this anime just FILLED with ??? xD xD xD xD xD

I mean, that's my opinion, you do not have to agree xD xD xD xD xD

selfie, ec 

Evenin miss, I'm here about that tanuki problem?
224/365 #365Challenge


new german political scandal:

the chancellor didn’t destroy classified material that really does not deserve its classified status according to someone who digs in his trash to dig dirt on hib

Thinking about war 

I just got thinking... even if would totally fall to (which is unlikely), I think we live in such an age that every Russian crime would be noted and paid for. All in due time. And there is no escape.

This gives me kinda consolation in these trying times.

Oh my : < I would like to learn Japanese, really : < But the language is SOOO HARD : < : < : < : < : <

WHYYYYYYY??? : < : < : < : < : <

Everything hurts and I am dying.

RT @d_feldman@twitter.com

In which a blogger finds the private key used to sign Hyundai car software updates … by googling it. They used a key pair from a popular tutorial. 😂😂😂

🐦🔗: twitter.com/d_feldman/status/1

*awoos with the force of a thousand gays*


I am so sad for Salman Rushdie : < Such a cowardly attack : < Religion is a sin : <

It's 6 AM, which is very early, especially for me. I wonder if I should try go back to sleep, or not (and, I dunno, try Coursera)? Hm, choices... :-P

I just wasted 3 hours since I thought Lua supported multine comments with ''', nope

I feel dumb since my debug console logged it and I missed the error

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