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Context is important.

There’s a difference between a casual viewer and a completionist. The latter intends to consume all of a franchise in full awareness that the quality will vary.

So I get annoyed when I quite clearly state a goal of watching x franchise and people give me unwarranted advise to skip a particular film/series because they dislike it. I feel like they weren’t paying any attention/respect to my intent.

“The Curse Of Fatal Death at 20: revisiting a Comic Relief Doctor Who special”

It pretty much one of the few things I had to watch during the dark times of no Doctor Who

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“Why Are Rabbits Cute, but Also Kind of Spooky?”

Interesting analysis of the use of rabbits in media that I hadn’t considered like the trickster, or that white rabbits with red eyes are rather unsettling.

A nice outcome from watching a lot of Star Trek Voyager and Discovery lately is that it has renewed my interest in the Star Trek Fleet Captains board game that I happen to own. It has a glorious amount of Federation and Klingon ship miniatures included.

“Fox Layoffs Leave Staffers Stunned and Saddened”

I do wonder, whether we will look back on this in retrospect as one of the events that shook up the industry. Cus in effect Disney has released talent for hungry young rivals like Netflix, Amazon and Apple to snap up.

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People having their fursuits stolen is not an everyday occurrence, but it’s not rare either. I’d say I hear such instances around 2 - 3 times a year on average anecdotally. I wonder if there’s a statistic?

Either way it does suggest a certain amount of precaution be taken.

I wonder what the success rate of return is?

I like Marie Kondo’s technique of asking yourself whether something “sparks joy”, i use it as a thought technology to ask myself why I keep things around.

In the shed there’s kitchenware like bowls and such. They’re meant to be fallbacks when stuff break, but the things aren’t breaking and my mum is more likely to buy something else. They’re just memories of what we use to use and not very good ones either.

Ah another of my short quip descriptions for my bio profiles has come to mind 💡

Functionally Unstable 😄

I like to do a maniacal laugh alone in a room once in a while.

There any PixelFed instances for the furry community?

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The problem with being a conscious 3rd dimensional creature riding the 4th dimension is I can only build up more and more regret as I get older. I suppose a 4th dimensional creature sees causation ahead and has a chance to alter course. Quite how their lives plays out is a little beyond my puny imagination thereafter. 🤔💭

Dark Mode is my best friend. And probably will be, forever.

“Microsoft resurrects Clippy and then brutally kills him off again”

Aww, the fellow can’t catch a break. It’s been so difficult for Clippy since losing the job at Microsoft Word. I hope the best, keep at it! 😢

Incredible, Supernatural the CW TV series will finally end on its 15 season. Crazy run for the series that even I must respect.

I watched the original intended 5 series, but I would not want to watch it again considering my improved diet of TV shows.

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