So was listening to Radio One in the office yesterday and their topic of discussion was the etiquette of watching films at the pictures.

Ok I can begrudgingly agree to stay quiet during the trailers, but it surprises me that there are people phoning in to say they like the audience not to talk over the adverts. Whilst by no means quantitative study, I still find it alarming. The ads seem the least interesting thing you’d want to sit through.

Finally made an official announcement that a side project I used to run is now no more and I feel at peace with it. 😌 I feel like that part of my life has ended and I have fully moved onto other things.

I think I’m the sort of person people fear would suffer from holodeck addiction.

If anyone has the time, would they mind getting me up to speed with the fandom controversy I’m hearing snippets about? Ideally with the original source as citation. Something about partial fursuits, elitism and poodles. 🐩

If you fuck up.... That's okay! It happens.

What you need to do then is legitimately apologise, actually understand where you went wrong, and then fix it. Make a legit effort to learn and fix it.

You get called racist? We are all unlearning generations of racism. Just admit it, apologize, learn why it was racist, and correct yourself.

No need to make a scene. No matter how embarrassed you are.

Just apologize and move on. You can gush about your embarrassment later, after you patched it over.

“The Man with the Golden Airline Ticket”

A long read about the life of a man with unlimited air travel. It’s definitely good grounds to base a TV series around.

The most fascinating exhibit I saw at the TATE Modern gallery today.

All of these radios are real, they were all turned on and tuned into different radio stations.

TV: She-Ra S3 

Been watching a Cantonese series about the legend of Judge Bao Zheng, a character who in my opinion is the epitome of law without compassion. He gives out judgement according to the law of the land regardless of the circumstance and context and serves as a warning to holding absolute belief in the law.

“Facebook-branded coffee shops are coming to the UK”

I feel like if you’re gonna turn your brand around, one of the top 25 things to do is not do things that open you to mockery. This café idea just lends itself to derision. 🤷‍♀️

Millennials are killing the kink industry by making their own kinks at home.

"How homemade kinks are causing Big Kink to go out of business."

If I was rich it was an idea to have a restaurant dedicated to selling gourmet food from the parts of the animal that normally goes to waste like stomach, liver, kidney, tongue, feet, etc.

It was to be called “Offally Good” 👩‍🍳

Mapmaker: The Gerrymandering game that puts the fun in undermining democracy

Fascinating. Good topic for a board game actually, since it’s an area control mechanic.

“Why is Halloween starting in the summer?”

Halloween has a lot of good will, for now. Personally I think it will be due for a backlash at some point in the next decade. Because anything popular will get a pushback.

Why is this film so celebrated in Wes Anderson’s collection? The main character is continually creepy! 🤔

Film: Rushmore 

Finally going to watch Wes Anderson’s celebrates Rushmore 🤩

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