I firmly lean on the side of having my own bed. I have never slept well when I don’t have personal space to myself.

“The case for sleeping in separate beds” vox.com/science-and-health/224

I’d like to see more ‘non-traditional’ relationships be represented in media. I’m very tired of how romanced is currently portrayed.

“The new rom-com Together Together explores the romance of platonic friendship” vox.com/22396269/together-toge

Adjuro Simul

I did a doodle of Adjuro last month and I wanted to actually render it! Adjuro isn't also usually this buff but I wanted to do something different.

I normally draw this tenrec as the split forms (Ignis the blue tenrec in image 3, and Fulgar the orange tenrec in image 4) and rarely the actual character themself.

True, sometimes I have nothing better to do in life than non-sense people till they’re sick of me. 🥸

After accidentally closing the door on my finger, I now turn into a building every full moon.

I am a werehouse.

Velociraptors are part of the greater raptor family which also includes acceloraptors and positioraptors. The species is composed of two genders (directioraptor and speedraptor) which multiply to produce more velociraptors.

an interesting suggestion, wonder if this is a place for Mastodon, or is that still too close in functionality to twitter wired.com/story/to-mend-a-brok

Periodic reminder that boundaries are normal and important and /it is okay to have them./

It is okay to say no.
It is okay to not open up about the details of your life.
It is okay to be evasive when asked about the details of your life.
It doesn't make you bad.
It doesn't mean you're Hiding Something™.
It means you have healthy boundaries.

...we're still working on learning all this.

Whenever Twitter gets up in arms about some popufur with bad takes, crappy opinions, or otherwise showing their fuzzy butt, and pointing fingers at other popufurs following them, I confess I almost always have the same thought: “who?”

Adventures in Furry Tech chat on Telegram 


That is to say, I guess I’m throwing some shade on the atmosphere of Mastodon instances. In fact the chat had recently discussed the challenges that federated social media faces. But despite that, I still like Mastadon, maybe it’s that little space I can throw my thoughts into bottles, toss into the chat ocean and forget about. I’m gonna try and use it more.

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Adventures in Furry Tech chat on Telegram 

My trepidation about joining a Furs Tech chat has stemmed from feeling alienated as a fur who partakes in Evil Fruit ecosystem. To my pleasant surprise the room is diverse; a mix of linux, Microsoft, google and Apple users. The disagreements are usually civil and there’s good banter. I think part of it is down to good community rules, good admins and coincidence. Sometimes it’s sheer luck what personalities get put in the same space. 3/3

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Adventures in Furry Tech chat on Telegram 

My past disinterest in chatrooms have often centred on: the convo being too fast to follow and it being too real time to crafted a structured response.

But I discover there are advantages. Being a participant in a group chat creates a subconscious shift in how we communicate. The messaging tends less to be about “broadcasting” and more a responsive discussion. And there’s social pressure to be civil and not grand stand alone. 2/3

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Adventures in Furry Tech chat on Telegram 

So what’s been up with me lately?

A month ago I joined a Furry Tech group on Telegram, with much trepidation.

But I actually enjoy the group and I find the atmosphere quite acceptable. The conversations can be funny or insightful. It made me appreciate some things about chatrooms that I’ve previously turned my nose up at. 1/3

Politics: Hong Kong 

“China just arrested a top Hong Kong pro-democracy figure. Beijing isn’t playing around.” vox.com/2020/8/10/21358643/hon

This really saddens me. The line where China’s influence encroaches has been blurry in the past, but this is solid evidence that the end of a way of life for Hong Kong 😢 I’m glad my father is not here to see this.

“Episode 187 — India, TikTok, and the U.S. — Exponent” overcast.fm/+BihnxNqNc

Not a TikTok user, but I like to learn about what makes it popular. The interesting takeaway is the algorithm is like pumping out loads of mini pilots to small test audiences and then promoting the successful clip.

Stargate is patriotic story of how the US military based in Canada defeated space tape worms, raged against the machine and protected Christianity from space religion

May has consisted of watching:

- Star Trek TNG (S7)
- All of Community again
- She-Ra (S4 & S5)
- Locke & Key
- Beastars
- Kipo

I think I’m running out of things... I’m actually beginning to dip into the anime wish list... Fullmetal Alchemist now!

“Netflix is making it easier for people to cancel their subscriptions” theverge.com/2020/5/21/2126631

It’s already good that you don’t have to ring customer service, now it automatically happens if you’re idle too long. I honestly think little good things help. You can have great content on cable but bad customer service will linger.

Today in lamb leg roasting for Easter Monday, it has felt like a mixture of being late to hand in the food homework, plagiarising a mixture of other people’s lamb leg homework and improvising on the spot.

I am indeed a food cook slacker and I work quite adequately under time pressure D:

“YouTube's Copyright System Isn't Broken. The World's Is.” youtube.com/watch?v=1Jwo5qc78Q

Tom neatly articulates views I more or less share. There’s a nuance that too often is left out of the social media conversations, that there‘s the legal side, the moral sides, power imbalance and finding a middle ground. There is the murky side of “commonly understood”, like the thumbnail which is technically infringement for me to share, but I’m 99% likely to get away with.

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