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Just started using kde with Ubuntu studio. My review:

- its nice
- cute dragons

Oh no I have to use a mac book for my new job

You can just have several names

You can tell different people to address you differently and all of those are "your name"

It's allowed

Got some good schadenfreude looking at all the github issues for bugs caused my my former manager just before he went on holiday and all the angry users he's going to have to deal with. And it's none of my business anymore.

Finally got around to putting retropie on my raspberry pi. Now i just need some games for it. Retro game recommendations? Particularly 2 player games?


Time to commit breakfast crimes

Unicorn Jacket Update 

Final patch created to protest high rates of relationship violence against bi/pan/queer people.

I cut the sleeves off the jacket I thrifted (they were a bit too tight and short) and feel really euphoric at mixing the very feminine ruffles with the raw sleeve look. Need to put in a few darts in the back for fit.

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If the tv license man comes over... And says "do you watch live TV or use BBC iplayer" .... An u say "no I pirate everything I watch"..... . Can he send u to prison???

There's no "graphic novels for queer furries" section in any of my local comic shops smh.

Mh -, anx, talking to my brain 

I would hang out with people but the thought of that makes me super anxious, thanks brain. "What if my friends think I'm boring?" yeah good point I'll just stay at home and be sad instead

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*me working* I'm so stressed I wish I had some free time
*now that I have free time* what is this? Did I order this? What am I supposed to do with it? I hate it

*posting on the local natural history society Facebook group* hi everyone I'm new here I thought of a fun game what animal would you turn me into please describe the transformation process in extreme detail anyway thanks

Good morning it's great to live in a magical kingdom of taking animals and robots etc

A groblin (grumpy goblin or gremlin goblin), sometimes also known as a "cat",

Actually I'm a dinosaur at the moment. Yeah it's quite cool.

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