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Is cold today, need to curl up under a heat lamp

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If you need a libre, drop in replacement for Microsoft's VS Code, check out Eclipse Theia:

It's a nicie re-implementation of VS Code. While you can run it with Electron, it isn't required. You can run it as a server and access the UI from any compatible browser. It has full add-on compatibility.

Eclipse has also developed a compatible add-on repository. You can host your own!

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the good law project is raising a warchest to help against the legal challenges to trans rights in the UK.
Anyone familiar with the situation in the UK, aka Terf island, knows how important this is. please helpout if you can

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Ad-tech as a bubble overdue for a bursting

Tadelis designed another experiment and found that these ads were actually responsible for 0.5% of [eBay's] revenue – an order of magnitude less than their estimate – and that every $1 they spent generated $0.60 in losses. They cut $100m from their ad-spending.

But despite publication of these findings, the world increased its ad-tech spending. Tadelis attributes this to the fact that the major players in ad-tech are all incentivized to repeat the unsubstantiated tale of ad-tech's efficacy.

Ad-tech companies, publishers, and ad-tech buying consultancies are all compromised and unable to objectively assess whether ads work (cue Upton Sinclair: "It's difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it").

HN discussion:

#AdTech #Advertising #Google #Facebook #ItsABubble #pluralistic

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My thoughts on the failure of Agile software development:
Please give me feed back on this. I am constantly trying to synthesize new ideas into this.

I was campaigning for dinovember but I'll happily accept

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oh, it's #dinocember? shit i guess i will be making a dinosona after all

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It gives me great pleasure to officially reveal that my partner and I shall be adopting kittens.


Why does everyone love REST APIs so much? What's wrong with RPC?

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If you show a prototype machine to a manager or customer, they can see the duct tape that's holding it together; it's obviously not production ready.

It's hard enough to see the digital duct tape that holds prototype software together, and yet we often hide that behind a polished UI; it should come as no surprise when we're asked how quickly we can put apparently finished code into production.

Show the duct tape. Avoid UI polish. Get the designers on board with sketching first and only refining after the prototype works. Document those unaddressed edge cases (and frequent cases) as visibly as possible. A manager who makes the conscious decision to request more polish will take ownership of that decision.

Got some good wildlife in these woods. Well done woods.

Hello. I'm up early so I can go into the woods.

@Tutanota can you make it so that you can zoom in to emails on your android app? Sometimes the message font is so small I can't read it, especially unsubscribe links

status: workin' real hard to make internet cash

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When you're having a nice time and minding your own business

Gonna sue god, he's got information on me that's against GDPR regulations

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