My initial thoughts are: bad idea but it seems a really neat way to solve my problem since this is how it works with 4xx and 5xx errors

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A routing library that requires you to throw a Redirect object if you want to redirect without returning a body.

@Catwoman69y2k oh sorry, that must suck. I hope you manage to figure it out OK. I'm still hoping the UK will change to a better system but tbh who can predict anything anymore

@Catwoman69y2k yeah that's understandable. I guess there are number of businesses in the same boat though who can kind of lend support to each other? I saw a tweet from the northfur fx guy worrying about the same thing.

@Catwoman69y2k lots of EU small businesses are also upset about the way the UK is doing things, and some have stopped shopping to the UK, so I can't see it catching on tbh.

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update, more urgent, friend looking for a place to stay in the UK, please boost 

update: the place to stay problem just got a lot more urgent, it's likely she'll be out and burning through her savings in the next week or two
if anyone knows any places she could stay please let me know

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Start a gaming club, walk with comrades, start trying to unionise your workplace, start a co-op. Play football. Paint a picture. Make some beats. Educate yourselves on your history. Learn to cry. Educate those younger than yourself. Ride a bike. Support others in the struggle. Learn to fight. Know your enemy. Tell your friends that you love them. Help someone who is in crisis. Smile at other's in the street. Help someone with their tech woes or maybe just stay in bed and rest.

But whatever you do, do it together. Build infrastructure. Believe in yourself. Believe in others. Believe in a better world. Focus on what you can change.

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meta political take 

i think the problem with fedi culture is that white leftists on here behaves as if they're a good leftist, and that reading theory absolves them of every other action. i don't care who is in your bookshelf if your actions include shit like "create signal noise during a fascist coup attempt"

@Mycroft sometimes that's the way it goes, hope you're able to take it easy for a bit

What are all you cheeky little animals up to? I'm procrastinating from making music because it's difficult


Criteria: leather or faux leather, preferably lockable, makes me look fancy

Can anyone recommend a UK vendor of collars for humans?

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here is a form where you can sign up for auditions for a live radio play production of THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST! NO ACTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

also sign up with this form if you are interested in working in the behind-the-scenes aspects (looking for graphic designers, sound designers, anyone with experience doing live sound, anyone with experience clown wrangling)

I will be getting back to everyone who applies as soon as possible!

(pls boost!)

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