What would you call a character that is not made of "flesh" but some kind of other organic material like rubber or cotton fabric? My first thought is synthetic but I don't think it's quite right.

I don't feel I'm super great at character design though. Can I get some opinions on what makes a good character?

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Getting paid this week, after which I might commission a new pic of a new fursona, and maybe create them a website too.

@porsupah it might still appear on bfi player after the festival, or if not hopefully you'll be able to pirate it at some point

@PsyChuan some nice places to visit but I'm in no rush to live there again

@saxnot I always just use Tomato-timer.com in a web browser

Went to brighton beach today, the weather was kind so I swam in the sea and got lost in thought looking at the remains of the old burnt down pier

draconiculturist (n)
one engaged in the rearing of dragons


Had a dream I had to catch a plane with a bunch of other passengers and we all couldn't find the right gate and everyone thought they missed the flight and gave up, but I kept looking and found it and it was a small cozy plane that looked a bit like an indie cinema inside & I had to hold a glass of lemonade to board it and I was the only passenger & the staff were in kind of 1920s or 40s style dress. I enjoyed it so much I proceeded to tell everyone in my other dreams about it, and now you


Me: *delivery boy delivering a parcel to the horse races* hi I'm here for--
Horse race guy: finally you're here! Come on it's nearly time to race!
Me: but I'm just--
Them: no time to chat, put this racing harness on
Me: *to the camera* oh no what a misunderstanding!

Transformation shower thoughts 

Do you ever get into a transparent shower cubicle and imagine it's a sealed glass chamber slowly filling with TF fluid?

@Gulfie do you think there's an alternate universe where they're called iFantasy and Final Telephone?

On my way home from the supermarket I saw this yellow-necked mouse (Apodemus flavicollis). 🐭

(photos: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

At my friend's parents' house and they just have wild bunnys chilling in the garden

I awake now. I'm at my friend's house. She has a cat but the cat doesn't want fuss.

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