@switchingsoftware Any good alternatives to google translate? Particularly for translating an entire web page?

@stokes @switchingsoftware I’m using deepl and linguae for translation. 👌🏻

It seams quite powerful, and you can right click on the translation to modify parts that seams not accurate enough.

Still they are reusing your search to improve there system, so you should not use it on confidential documents

Hi @stokes ,

I also used deepl, that suggested, for some translations on (English isn't my first language 😁). But I also wouldn't use it on confidential or sensitive content.

There are some free translators in development, but unfortunately they currently lack language pairs and features:

@imageschaden @stokes @switchingsoftware @nautilus
I'd second the votes for DeepL / Linguee 👍
And just to be sure to avoid any misunderstandings: All "free" AI-based translation services will use your data to train their algorithms. 🤖
And if you're doubtful as to whether you should feed a potentially confidential text to DeepL and alike, then uploading such a text to Google Translate should be an absolute no-go! 👹

@tetrapyloctomist @imageschaden @stokes @switchingsoftware

You are completely right.

I feel like we don’t say it enough, I like to remind it every time :). Even if As you said, it should be considered as obvious for free services.

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