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There were many ideas I had in mind when creating Kith.Kitchen: that it could be more than just a mircoblog; from providing useful tools for finding and creating recipes, to helping people organise around food-related social causes.

With this in mind I'd like to set up a group to help run the project as a cooperative, to keep it sustainable and help realise its potential.

If you're interested in helping, please let me know - no experience required, just a desire to help grow our community!

Smuggle my fursuit into the museum tomorrow so I can hide in the bird gallery when I get bored of work

Love how easy it is to get favs when car seat headrest fans are online

*kiss every dragon on the snoot and the tip of the tail*

Do you have something against birds?

After a long day I like to chill out here online with my animal friends

I want to argue with right wingers about their asinine vague arguments but I know it's counter productive so I resist.

Don't engage with nasty people.

At this point I think vsongwriting is just therapy for me

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I am trying to write music again and it hurts. Why is it so hard to make nice things

It there any good music on furaffinity these days?

I'm enrolling my gf (good frog) onto a surprise moss & fern terrarium making workshop for valentine's day :blobcat:

I am a horrible goblin man, here I come a-hoblin' and, singing my song from the blobbling land, nasty gobbling goblin man

(My christmas number one from 199X)

I joined a but I don't actually know how to get involved to create change in my organisation

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Bad at social, Bad at media,
Bad at social media™

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