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My tl is a bit slow so I'm going to advertise myself through hashtags Show more

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Apparently on the twitterverse there's only one instance? sounds really boring

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Might watch some tv online illegally and hope the tv licensing people don't burst through the door and arrest me

Eavesdropping on developers at the museum: are they taking about python the programming language or python the animal?

Been working on my php test project tonight, finally got it to accept follow requests and federate notes. Very basic so far but it works!

Please enable tooth-factor authentication so the website can identify you from your bite marks

The really appealing thing about the fediverse, for me, is that I can create a shitty little php site and as long as it uses AP it doesn't matter if it gets 5 users or 500 users, it'll still be a success.

Open mic night objective: Make at least one music friend

Trying to own myself with logic, but after all I'm just a terrified invertebrate.

Trying to be ok with potentially saying stupid shit, because the alternative is saying nothing at all.

Trying to be more outgoing. I think it would be good for me.

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