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My tl is a bit slow so I'm going to advertise myself through hashtags Show more

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Moomintroll is his name and also my joke

When someone posts a link to a thing you want to read/listen/watch later, how do you keep track of that?

Welcome to, the instance for fans of Cats the musical!

My housemate keeps threatening to have her brother produce me, but I'm TERRIFIED of having a professional listen to my music

If I were to have a hurtful opinion, I would simply not post it on social media

EU elections in the UK tomorrow. Make sure you DuckDuckGo to the polls

Hey friends, since I have almost no friends on Mastodon, promo me and help me find people.

I'm a furry artist and musician who's into programming, and video games. My tastes are very eclectic so I'm into most things.

Them: get a clue
Me: actually I'm doing a crossword so I have loads of clues

I always feel so proud of myself when I don't click on a cw I'm not interested in

Mutt's Hot Kissing Tips Show more

Did you know! "Midnight" is old english for "it is the middle of the night now I'd better go to sleep or I won't be able to get up for work tomorrow morning"

I've got incense, I've got mood lighting, I'm listening to slow indie music on bbc6, and I'm about to put on some gold nail varnish. This is what I live for!

One joke I never get tired of (but other people probably do) is when I receive a Labour party email I pretend Jeremy Corbyn or Sadiq Khan are emailing me personally. I think that is quite funnyfunny.

If there's one word that sums up these heights, it's definitely got to be "wuthering"

Gotta do some boring self care before the fun relaxing self care

Might fuck about and put out an EP soon.

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