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Got the okay to play with 's to prototype the reboot of our old Drupal taxonomy platform. This is rather quite exciting

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Has enough of sitting around pretending to write songs, I'm going to try and learn some sheet music

Thinking again about a UX survey on furry website usage. I've never put together a UX survey before but I'm going to give it a go this week... I will be asking for help/input at some point fyi

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@self I think it's gotten worse. HTML is used to make things pretty now, not to, oh I don't know, markup content like it was originally designed to do. And operating systems, like Linux and Android, with poor accessibility don't help either. Now, blind people usually prefer mobile apps and desktop clients because they feel *clean* compared to the sometimes very verbose, linear web, where keyboard commands are few and far in between, non-standard (look at Gmail then Twitter, or even Gmail compared to Google Voice.) And there are so many sites where headings could be used but aren't, and lists to facilitate things which can be skipped, like alternative language options for articles, replies to a comment, things like that. It's just poorly done, and even the "simple" layered approach of mobile apps are easier to use for us than the flat (to us) representation that is the web.

The HTML standard changing stuff probably doesn't help much either. And Javascript just means that if I want to use Emacs with Emacspeak to gather text formatting information that a dumb screen reader doesn't provide, I usually get told that Javascript needs to be enabled, on a mostly textual site. In fact, text is *all* that a blind person gets, besides other audio. So if image descriptions aren't provided, or if there's a presentation-style thing going on, like in a lot of Apple press releases, we need textual alternatives to the silent videos and images. So plain sites, like my blog which I recently moved to Hugo, are best. Simple, statically generated, no stupid freaking databases! and it's freaking clean! No heavy bull crap slowing down load times and not many images.

Oh and screen readers aren't magic, either. They're really quite dumb. They gather as much information as they can by the OS accessibility API's, which can be pretty good, like Windows, fairly okay, like Apple's, or pretty neglected, like Linux because no one wants to actually work on the core OS accessibility. Like I always say, accessibility starts with the OS.


Playing breath of the wild for the first time and I have to say I'm not a big fan of the cheesy voice acting

Is there any data out there about furries and their usage of social media & furry art sites - e.g. surveys of how they use them and what their opinions are?

Imagine having a profile page that is completely customised to your fursona's style/colour scheme.

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I wish more sites would let you use custom html & css in your user profile, like neopets and myspace used to.

Hey furries, when you're using a furry art/social site, do you prefer having a separate user & character profiles, or have them the same? Why?

AP implementations are very much "[platform] but with activitypub". I want to see more "activitypub server that creates GitHub issues" and "activitypub server that tells you when your Neopets are hungry"

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I'm thinking about and how much possibility it has that we've not seen yet. You can write an ActivityPub server as a gateway to any API. You can write an ActivityPub server to scrape webpages and submit forms and have literally any website talk to any other website.

Seems like nobody is thrilled at the 's new director. They claim they're for diversity but the white men who run it keep hiring other white men. The museum keeps modelling itself on brainless soulless corporations and I don't think that's compatible with their values. Certainly decolonisation is not going to be on their radar beyond lip service. I wonder what it would take for him to step down and be replaced with someone more appropriate.

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mads’ thread about certain people (read: amab queer ppl) being viewed as predatory for simply existing around children, or for wearing leather/PVC around children, brings up a really important topic not often discussed:

not discussing sex and sexuality is actively harmful to children’s development.

I teach children about sex and sexuality for a living. That is my full-time job. I am a sex educator, and I spent 40hrs a week discussing sex with underage people. Let’s talk about it.

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*me watching Buffy series one* _I_ want to be in a 90s rock band!
*me watching Buffy series two* _I_ want to be a werewolf in a 90s rock band!

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