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Someone needs to make a curated version of npm that only lists the good libraries. It would probably have about 5 items.

I showed my cat a picture of my fursona and she purred

Got me wondering though what other musicians' creative practice is like?

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I've been trying to do song a week since january (writing one new song every week) and I've gotten this far in but tbh I think at the moment it's making me too focused on *meeting the deadline*, whereas I don't really feel like I'm learning anything or improving rn, so I'm going to give it up,

If you saw an NPM package called `liquid-assets`, what would your first impression be?

stolen from Twitter: which HTTP 400-level code describes your sex life?

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Got some new pets, apparently 🐞

It's a shame that I'm the only person with correct programming opinions and everyone else is wrong

It's because of the lack of dragons outside Wales. Kobolds won't go any farther east than here

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Never really felt the term "non-binary" spoke to me, but tonight I heard the phrase "wonky gender" which very accurately describes how I feel about my life.

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