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If you’re LGBT+ and on any kind of U.K. benefits then the University of Sterling are looking for interviewees for a study:


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stegosaurus statue at town hall, route 64, dinosaur, colorado, 1991

Unpopular opinion 

im cute donkie

Someone should invent a version of "waking up" where you're a cute animal

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It's also very important to not reduce Black History Month into Racism History Month, which I could argue is more of a Whiteness History Month. This month should also be a month of celebration and thanks to Black British people, and an additional opportunity to platform the people around us that *still* don't get the chances we ourselves get to enjoy by default to shine through and be heard, and that's on us x

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October is #BlackHistoryMonth in the UK. It's often overshadowed by American Black History, but still very important to learn about, especially if this is where you live, like.
The starting point I usually suggest to people that aren't Black is the opening chapters in Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race because it's important to understand the history and context of our racism here and this book packs a lot of key things into a small space:

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mentioning original form
of transformed person.

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I wanted to share with you all a rather obscure piece of art that I made back in art school in 2011/2012. Even though I've never really shared it, I'm super proud of it. :da_la:

We had to make some kind of art book for our Digital Design class. We only had a couple weeks, so time was of the essence. I got the idea to do something comedic and very Not Serious.

So here's my "How to Use a Book Book". :D

More pages in the replies! :da_boogie:

#MastoArt #Art #Book #Humour #CreativeToots

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"Can I help cleaning up your #bbq?"
One of my #cats, Grisù, was helping out this afternoon. #catpics

Warning: there's a new scam where a cute boy will come to you purring for cuddles, but DON'T let him cuddle you, because he's been outside in the rain and will get your clothes all wet

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covid-19, UK, current status 

The wave is now gathering pace:

"Hospital admissions of covid positive patients in England up 48% in a week."

"Biggest weekly rise since the peak of the January wave"

Current chart of covid-positive hospital admissions in England:

It's a gruesome, gruesome day today. An afternoon for blankets etc

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UK people, it's meter reading day: bbc.co.uk/news/business-630745

Send in an electricity and gas meter reading today to make sure you don't get overcharged.

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