Verbal Abuse mention 

I think one of the most annoying forms of abuse I've experienced has to be when I speak to my parent (usually my dad), and he ignores me like five times, before finally yelling at me. Shit made it a lot harder for me to ask things of folks.

Aaaah my depression is starting to hit me. Having thoughts about whether people care about me or not.

I got a mod in Rimworld that lets my colonists make sushi and it brings more joy to me than it should.

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It's not always an easy road to walk... but I know I'm not traveling alone 💗

🪡: Magpiebones
:ms_rat: : @squiiks

I want to make art. I want to tell the story of all of the emotional struggles I've gone through, that have molded me into the person I am, and have altered the course for who I am going to be.

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I'm away for a few days and a new furry social network appears and has already milkshake-duck'd itself, aint technology wonderful

Been having dreams about No Man's Sky. I should check that game out again, I've heard it's gotten even more content.

Still playing the Megaman X series through. Right now I'm on X5 and so far it's easily my least favorite in the series. Hope it doesn't get worse from here!

I once complained to an artist about commission prices once and man do I regret it.

I swear getting all of the upgrades on megaman x2 is like:

"I got ya a heart container!"

Me: *Tries to do a very precise jump using invincibility frames to climb spikes. Dies instead.*

"Oooh you almost had it! You gotta be quicker than that!"

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July 4th is a special day for my partner @squiiks and myself. We were supposed to be celebrating at Anthrocon, but of course, that can't happen this year due to the pandemic. Instead, I commissioned poodlewool on Twitter for this absolutely beautiful piece commemorating just a few of the precious moments we've shared together!

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Died in Sunless Sea again.

Why do I play games that make me feel bad? Why do I like feeling bad?

Is there an way to go on an effective diet while also being very, very depressed, and wanting to not do anything most of the time?

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is a pretty cute show! Watch it!

It was a cruel joke for me to start out as hot at the start of my transition. Wish I had that back.

Just finished playing through XCOM Chimera Squad.

It's good. A C+ game. Not better than XCOM 2 by a considerable margin but it hits some of the right notes.

I'm really not very mature at all, am I? Haha

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