Watching Over The Hedge as an adult was a religious experience X3

Never realised how much nostalgia I had for this movie until now

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Me, living by the sword: haha this is great yaaay weee woohoo chop chop haha
Me, dying by the sword: wait what?

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"Reblog my posts to bless your timeline!!"

Reblog my posts to plague your timeline. Reblog my posts to die instantly and leave a scar on the earth that will lay barren for centuries.

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@PsyChuan it really says something when the community that has the most stake in the purchasing, trading and ownership of digital artwork thinks that your system for purchasing, trading and owning digital artwork is an abomination that needs to die.

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I've finally done it and created a mastodon account. F that twitter.

As a starter, here is some old artwork I made.

Me, forgetting to post here for months in a row: 🤡

I just played Addict (that Hazbin Hotel fan song) on a public piano, and someone RECOGNISED IT. HECK

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Wrote these words of wisdom today, feel free to spread the good word.

Mune: Guardian of the Moon is such an adorable movie! Mune is so cute that it hurts, look at thembbb

I just realised I put the apostrophe in the wrong place in Wouldn’t’ve! I’m a blind fox sometimes >m<

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taps the mic Yeah so uh, how are y'all doing tonight? Uh me, I'm doing gay

the entire audience erupts in applause, and I'm doing really terrible poses, the mic has been knocked over, I'm kissing a girl on stage now

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@sorenfox .m even more delightful: contraction and apostrophe-possessive in the same word


Multiple contractions are delightful!

can’t wait for the English dub of Beastars S02...

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On the internet, nobody knows you're actually a fox!

I remember there was a joke in my primary school about Orange C (a ‘fruit drink’) tasting like Death Itself.

I forgot why until I tasted it again just now. Good grief it’s disgusting.

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