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so i had a nightmare while communing with some nbfs

the first part we were in a bar, lots of qts hanging out, having a good time, the bar tender was talking loudly to some friends on how they give the first drink to gals free.

feeling extremely gnc, we ask for a free drink and the bar tender's face drooped a little with displeasure and was like, "I don't give free drinks to dudes."

using a melodramatic swing of the arm we split the nearest glass into cosmic glimmering splinters

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i guess we'll introduce ourselves we're a bit of a dom but the grey-ace comes out if our relationships aren't very clear or direct. There's plenty of things to enjoy like music, art, and our every rising backlog of erratic creativity for us to waste our social spoons on

pronouns xey/xem
lover of satanic sacrifice, enthusiastic sexuality, and understanding pain



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Feel free to interact or @ me, going to be more social too <3 :ms_furry_pride: :heart_nb: 🦇

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Introducing... sonarsuperstar!!

I'm looking for some people to follow so here are some of my interests...

I'm in my late 20s and hella optimistic about meeting people

nb, mentally ill, pretty fucking gay

furry, anime, video games

kinky, bdsm, maws and paws

there's a lot of fucked up harassment that happens in the western suburbs of il to the point of the social services there seem like torture rather than help. barely any accommodations for trans people and same sex partnering gets drecked on all the time

this isn't cool and isn't some sort of like, 'cause my friend gets stalked and harassed and it's been doing a lot of harm to them, their bullies saying they aren't worth anything in a horrid sense of hazing

nude, video, watch out :boost_ok: 

all i ever wanted was all the attention in the world


try being a bat sometime! ya get to eat fruit, fun leather bat wings, hanging upside down in caves with a bunch of friends, :ms_cat_devious:

i think things are going to be good and i'm excited to see communities thrive

the v. good connectiveness and support

the learning, active participation
the sharing of small arts together
and really nice talks, organization for
helping each other survive

i really think this place can be a positive change
for creativity and helping each other out

a nice reverberation of souls connecting through
art, and being

usually this can be channeled through many things
like public works, heading towards a brighter

i didn't upload everthing to a furry account like i'm still holding on to my characters and stuff

seeing a live boring het rendition of my really good violent writing is like the worst thing in my life right now

yes there is ethical consumption like don't fucking kill and take a person's stuff like what the hell

non-binary has alwasy been a cool way to celebrate the self like yeah

we wrote it, all of this i keep and won't let anyone have my characters and stories and life

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