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‪Apparently a lot of cities‘ public transit was added and the national rail connections are complete too, in Germany. What didn’t surprise me was that Würzburg’s is missing (since theirs isn’t on Gmaps either) but somehow Munich is S-Bahn only and Kassel isn’t there either.‬

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Apple silently rolled out public transit for Stuttgart in their Maps app 😍 and I only noticed because my bf was unaware of this not being a thing before when he was checking for a connection. 😅

I recently watched Super Size Me 2 (yes, Morgan Spurlock made a sequel) and first of all I’m glad it’s not relying on fat shaming like the original.

It was focusing on a bunch of things really, mostly on how the fast food industry is trying to health- and greenwash itself after the first documentary. Trying to make you feel more healthy instead of actually changing anything.

But it also sheds light on chicken farming and “Big Chicken” in the United States.

Wollte mal wieder so teilen, was mir vor die Füße gefallen ist. Das hier ist ein Feature in dem es um die Opfer von Verwahrpsychiatrie geht (content note: es ist mMn sehr mitreißend und auch furchteinflößend) – das Thema wird anhand eines Beispiels nahe Leipzigs dargestellt, ist aber eigentlich ein größeres Thema, das man nicht so einfach nur auf die DDR abwälzen kann.

I wanted to post this on mastodon too but it doesn’t work in the native browser and I couldn’t find an android app that runs on the 4.3 jelly bean runtime on this thing, or even a native BB10 app.

It was hard enough to get this screenshot off the phone since the telegram app isn’t working anymore either (and I had to use one of those sketchy contest contenders from back then when telegram actually wanted to bring a native app to the platform)

So sad we lost this OS to the app gap. :/

I breathe slowly, my heart is pounding, pumping blood through the veins in my ears. I feel insignificant.

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I feel like I’m standing in a white room, all alone. I feel there are people around me but I’m overwhelmed by that thought. I know these people but right now I wish I didn’t. I don’t want interaction or connection.

I feel odd, isolated, but like that’s the best way to go on with it. I don’t like the feeling but I don’t know what to do.

habe mich dabei erwischt wie ich den gesichtsausdruck von emojis nachmache

lifeimitatesart und so

wie kann ich schnipo schranke auf spotify blockieren? 😫

if I was a filmmaker there’d probably be so many scenes of people getting to places by train in my films you’d think you just watched a railway commercial with some plot in between

immer wenn ich bei vapiano bin denke ich an @nilsding :3

grüße aus köln!

was soll eig immer dieser unsolidarische und relativierende bullshit als ob deutschland so konsequent gegen rassismus und antisemitismus vorgeht. 🙄

unnecessary benchmark screenshots, windows (OS) 

sex work 

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