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Interestingโ€ฆ it only lists Google Earth Pro now, even though the other two things that were listed as 32-bit apps in the system profiler are still where I left them.

The good thing about macOS not getting Nvidia drivers from 10.14 on is that my Hackintosh is therefore stuck at 10.13 giving me a system I can still run Google Earth Pro and SheepShaver on. Oh and Android File Transfer. :blobcat:

macOS does not support 32-bit apps, Android File Transfer at risk 

Today in vocational school my teacher made the whackest points against socialism Iโ€™ve ever heard. ๐Ÿ™„ ยปyou canโ€™t get a car whenever you want?!ยซ ยปif thereโ€™s no private property no one will handle stuff carefullyยซ ยปsocialism is just communism lightยซ

Instead of actually bringing up valid criticism of the former German Democratic Republic or at least some nuance she just pulled the lowest form of red scare out of the cold-war drawer in her repertoire.

We got a semi-old EeePC from a colleague of my boyfriend recently and we put an SSD in it and installed lubuntu on it and Iโ€™m now using it more often than my 15โ€ MacBook even though this netbookโ€™s battery is dead. I donโ€™t know if this is just a novelty thing and if my curiosity will decline over the following weeks, but itโ€™s fun. I even set up an email account just for this thing.

Just stumbled upon a french documentary (there's also a German translation and English subtitles) about propaganda/public relations and the psychology of the masses:

Ripped a CD yesterday that definitely wasn't available on iTunes/Apple Music and it showed up on my iPhone this morning. This just made apple music 10 times better.

bojack horseman 

Am I allowed to post Garfield memes, half-ironically?

The Beyoncรฉ folder in my music library is ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ”ฅ

I stopped tweeting on my personal & locked twitter account roughly two weeks ago and since then Iโ€™ve been feeling the need to share stuff and I thought Iโ€™d just do that here instead.

I should probably read about the ยปpost visibilityยซ stuff beforehand.

Uff, Iโ€™ll have to compose those rants and make my bad jokes work in English now.

me ranting about musicians removing old work and limited music releases 

me ranting about musicians removing old work and limited music releases 

I'm fluffing through my hair and a lot of it is sticking to my hand now. Is this hair loss? I thought I would never go bald. ๐Ÿค”

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