Finde etwas schade, dass jetzt bei vielen Berichten über Verschwörungsnarrativen und deren Anhänger diese so stark mit Telegram in Verbindung gebracht werden.

Will nicht, dass der Messenger so von Alt-Right und Chaoten in der medialen Wahrnehmung vereinnahmt wird. Ohne das Problem jetzt unter den Teppich zu kehren.

I realized I just circled back to EurKEY again. ^^’

Well, what can I take from this adventure: QWERTY is quite compatible with German, there are “European concepts” already, I might actually get a US international keyboard

oh and you can use “Deutsch – Standard” as a keyboard layout on a Mac if you’re used to the Windows layout but you have to use Xcode occasionally (this fixed it for my boyfriend at least 😌).

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I was thinking about switching to QWERTY without making writing German way more difficult. There are a number of countries/languages who switched to QWERTY ( this guide was quite interesting). If the Umlaute and the ß were shoved into an AltGr combination, you could just use ISO-QWERTY hardware, I guess 🤔

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I mean, there are apparently some attempts and ways to use them right away (source:

Maybe I’ll meddle around with this and create my own, personalized to my needs and get used to it, just to be irritated when using standard QWERTY or QWERTZ keyboards from then on. 🙃 (see why I think having this standardized would make some sense?)

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Parallel dazu: Apple Music, ein wahrer Genosse, schlägt mir den süßen Honig vor!

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Wenn sich so „gegen den Strom schwimmen“ anhört, lass ich mich lieber treiben.

This is obviously an attempt to push the user count of their platform and most people who want to play GTA V already bought it but the Epic Games Store is giving it away for free and I thought I’d tell you about the bargain.

(if you’re actually curious, this video gave me the idea and the tools I needed:

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Today I installed ChromeOS on my ThinkPad but I’m not really a Chrome person so I installed Firefox. 😌

first of all: relatable
but also: wtf?

found on twitter:
(shows an article/interview by charlie brooker “why girls don’t play video games” from the late ‘90s – well, see for yourself)

I now see, the quiz is actually about regions. My bad.

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This quiz was trending in twitter for some reason and apparently I’m the Rheinland, which isn’t really a Bundesland but okay

Berlin scoring lowest with 1%, wtf


We watched Tiger King a few weeks ago and my main takeaway is to question the motivation and methods of documentary makers more.

I play a lot of Minecraft lately, mainly to hang out with other people. I just tag along, I stock up materials and food, we fought an “ender dragon”... And I start infrastructure projects like canals, railway systems, bridges etc.

I hate how stressed out I am for no apparent reason. 🙃

Autokorrektur macht aus immernoch ingeborg. 😳

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