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i'm slushy!

i draw for fun, idk if art likes me as much as i like it. i also get a ton of ideas but i forget to put them down

i like technology, old console corruptions/glitches, pokemon, nature, fungi, reptiles, bugs and the like

feel free to message me or anything! my online activity fluctuates due to my schedule so i may be more active some days compared to others

here's some of my art!

december happened so quick, one moment it was dec 5th then i blinked and now its the 30th

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Sleepily hops on to share a tiny self portrait of... me! :>3

apparently people stealing designs from toyhouse and making them into nfts is a thing, not surprising but still disappointing nonetheless

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also it is very neat to see people i follow on here be on buzzly too

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A Fakemon I did for fun

"With minimal effort, it is capable of picking up several objects and flinging them around. It prefers to use this to break fragile objects."

"After breaking something belonging to its owner, it will feign ignorance by going cross eyed and lengthening its tongue."
#fakemon #art #myart #myartwork

ive been very very slowly working on this meme redraw but still it resonates with me

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(i will now forget to use these references when i need to use them)

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made refs of (almost) all of my main characters for my main story.. very epic

this is morabell, a new character i made up on the spot! still trying to give a name for her species though..

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hats off to postal workers around this season. not only for doing the Lord's work of delivering countless packages but even moreso in these Covid times and doing it faster than ever

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