I hope that actually uhhhhh looks right I’m having trouble getting mastodon to load

I drew so little this year I’m already uploading stuff from March oops

Well. It does in the preview just like twitter but not in the fullview. Guess I’ll take it

heres what im using as my banner here. also get used to seeing this boy, i dont count him as a sona but besides that hes like. my main oc

honestly dA is my favorite site layout wise and like. not compressing my art to shit wise but. man there sure is no community left there it feels like

also those just look ugly in the preview but uhhhhhh oh well

you cant upload transparent gifs to mastodon Apparently which is. very unfortunate

im working backwards on posting so uhhh i guess the quality will get worse but im probably only gonna post stuff from this year? and. theres not much i havent had much time to draw

Here’s the first thing I did on my ipad! I guess I’m gonna just slowly upload old stuff bc I don’t really wanna spam

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