I had a look at yesterday, but the amount of instances filled with right-wing extremism and conspiracy theories is frightening ☹️

There's an interesting project / library that allows to compile one and the same binary running on , , , BSD-like and bare metal, among others:

can have many different effects on people, but to me the most important one is that it soothes my mind and calms my nerves... today morning was really stressful at work.

Signal / Telegram "we respect your privacy"
Also Signal / Telegram "yeah look that person whose number is in your phone but you haven't talked to in 5 years just joined S/T".
Well. Hum. 🤔

As a user, these desperate attempts by to promote their client make me feel as if a current is constantly pushing me against an impassable wall; Even if I'd like to, I couldn't use it. ˁ´o̭`ˀ

I've realized that cookie banners make writing websites without almost impossible, except if page owners abstained from those surfing without it – which most won't.
Is this the final blow for JS-less websites?

Dear website, you really expect me to open each of those 624 dropdowns to reject a total of 252 "legitimate interests" from advertisement providers? Well guess what, I actually went through it, but now I'm so pissed that I'll install an ad blocker immediately.

Can a native English speaker explain to me why they say they "call a state" in the election? "Call", in the meaning of "claim"?

Disney, I challenge you! Make a movie where the first 10-15 minutes is a classic "save the princess from the tower" schtik. But then, it turns out the princess is actually a prince, and they fall in love immediately. Then the rest of the movie is about getting their parents to approve the marriage.

You won't do it, but my challenge stands nonetheless.

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