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Hello! I'm Shetani, she/her, and I'm a king cheetah!

This is a account, so expect to see things like photos of my and art I've commissioned of my ! I run a couple social media accounts and a YouTube channel about . Links to those are in my pinned post.

My other interests include video-and browser-based games, My Chemical Romance, baking, looseleaf tea, cats, amateur video/photo editing, and curating several collections!

I am forgetting so much today hahaha 🙃

Shirts were sold out at my tour date, so I kept an eye out and finally bought one from a person online. They included a surprise button with song lyrics. MCR fans really are the best.

dead animal mention (taxidermy) 

FTR, I have no qualms with the practice of taxidermy. It is an art form and is beautiful when performed with respect for the animal/remains. I don't agree with dead animals being used in a humorous context, especially without a CW.

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dead animal mention (taxidermy) 

There was also the time that someone made an (IMO annoying) bot that posted randomized cheetah pictures in the cheetah group chat and chose to include a bad taxidermy in the dataset, presumably because it looked funny, which caused at least one person to leave when the image appeared out of nowhere.
So... I guess this is more prevalent than I realized.

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dead animal mention (taxidermy) 

I've just remembered that an extremely popular meme of a Japanese bobtail cat ("maneki neko") is a photo of a dead animal so I guess I have my own answer

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dead animal mention (taxidermy) 

Was genuinely startled by a "cute fox meme" on my :twitter: timeline using a photo of taxidermy soft mounts. I guess a layperson might mistake them for alive, but anyone with a lick of animal knowledge would know IRL animals could never be in that position. Furry animal species social groups are their own weird cliques with radically different social mores, but I wonder if people would react the same to pics of dead dogs and cats presented as "silly meme"

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I wanted to share with you all a rather obscure piece of art that I made back in art school in 2011/2012. Even though I've never really shared it, I'm super proud of it. :da_la:

We had to make some kind of art book for our Digital Design class. We only had a couple weeks, so time was of the essence. I got the idea to do something comedic and very Not Serious.

So here's my "How to Use a Book Book". :D

More pages in the replies! :da_boogie:

#MastoArt #Art #Book #Humour #CreativeToots

I did not realize ANE charges more for admission than Anthrocon now...

Blast from the past! Check out my totally rad convention video from , just uploaded to Youtube!
Did I catch YOU on camera? Recognize anyone? Be sure to share the video with them and let them know!

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Y’all will NOT believe what I just found jammed between the base of the bathroom cabinet and the bathroom wall

I feel like making a Cheetah Chat episode debunking the myth of the "suspiciously wealthy furry" but it would be so short.
You know how you're not a millionaire? And you save up to buy video games or sneakers or whatever? We do the same except we buy drawings of cat people smooching. The end

I'm cutting things close for my Halloween costume this year. Executive dysfunction is a bitch to wrangle. Today Shetani is burnt out and exhausted, but I know Next Month Shetani will be really disappointed if she doesn't get to dress up this year.
This is for the fabric parts, I still have accessories to make while I wait for this to come in 🙃
Even the most simplistic looking cosplays involve more labor than one would expect at first glance.


I was invited to a cat themed costume picnic over the weekend but got too overwhelmed and backed out. I decided to go through with baking the cookies I had planned anyway. It's okay to do nice things for yourself sometimes! The 3 flavors are sugar cookie, autumn spice, and chocolate. They're Pusheens because it turns out I don't actually own a regular cat shaped cookie cutter.

food related shitpost 

Hot tea with milk is just cream of leaf soup

Don't forget I have a VR booth in the vendor's hall in and ! Stop by this weekend and take a gander at my wares!
If you visit my booth, please take screenshots and tag me, I'd LOVE to see them!

Comfy pajamas - ✅Check!
Soft bed - ✅Check!
Cuddle buddy - ✅Check!

Looks like I'm all set for ! Come join me this weekend!

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Wanna ride some Break Dancer with me? 🐺

Thanks to Freunde auf 2 Pfoten and Freizeitland Geiselwind for the great fursuiting event at the amusement park! I had much fun!

📷 DrChristenstein on Twitter

I'll be at this weekend!
Check out my vendor channel in the CozyCon Discord or VR booth in the CozyCon VRChat and ChilloutVR virtual vendor halls! I worked hard on 'em, plus there may be a little something extra in it for you~
No panel this time around - I'm looking forward to having a chance to socialize and enjoy the events!

Did you miss my at-home panel during ? It's now captioned and available for viewing on my YouTube page!

Not too many days like this left - let's try to enjoy them while we can.

🧵: Magpiebones
📷: Dinkin

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