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Hello! I'm Shetani, she/her, and I'm a king cheetah!

This is a account, so expect to see things like photos of my and art I've commissioned of my ! I run a couple social media accounts and a YouTube channel about . Links to those are in my pinned post.

My other interests include video-and browser-based games, My Chemical Romance, baking, looseleaf tea, cats, amateur video/photo editing, and curating several collections!

What a coinkydink! The photo room backdrop at ended up matching purr-fectly with my cozy-casual con outfit.
πŸ“·: SvenFennec on Twitter

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(oh right, I never actually did this)

1. Name: Shetani! Just Shetani, /please/ don't call me Shetani Cheetah. I never decided on a last name for her, so she doesn't have one. "Shetani" is usually taken on social networks (thankfully not masto!) and I have to add something to the end of my username, which leads to confusion. Could be worse, I guess.

2. Blood type and color: red and wet

3. "Cilantro tastes like soap" gene: Nah, cilantro tastes good!

Just binge-watched the series Love, Death, Robots on Netflix. It's a collective of 18 unrelated animated shorts, all in varying art styles, and centered around some aspect of the show's name. Only 2 skip-worthy episodes in the whole thing, and most were quite captivating or thought-provoking. I highly recommend it!
Note: most of the episodes have some pretty nasty gore as well as nudity - the latter often gratuitous - so be aware of that.

My cheetah meetup for Anthrocon has been approved! I'm gonna be hosting an event at the world's second largest furry con!
Oh god. I'm going to be hosting an event at the world's second largest furry con.
s e n d h e l p

Last is Reddit, the biggest enigma for me. It also shows what percentage of people DIDN'T like your thing, which is both good and bad. All Friday pictures.
1 - 223 upvotes, 98% approval. Self-portrait, solo, candid. I did not foresee the success of this and I still don't know why.
2 - 220 upvotes, 96% approval. Professional, solo, posed. Shot at a con.
3 - 207 upvotes, 89% approval. Professional, solo, posed. Clearly popular, so why did some ppl not like it enough to say so?

On to Instagram, my second most popular site. My most popular uploads were actually videos, so we're leaving those out. All shared on a Friday, not sure of the time, at least 2 tags in common. Of the photos:
1 - 423 likes. Self portrait, posing with a prop. Holiday themed. Taken at home.
2 - 357 likes. Self portrait/collage of my Halloween costume and its reference. Taken at a con. Another holiday thing.
3 - 342 likes. Trans rights picture again. I'm glad it's so popular!

We'll start with Twitter, which garners me the most traffic. All shared on a Friday before 12 AM with similar tags.
Photo 1 - 46 likes. Professional photo from a con, interaction, but my face is obscured. However, I had tagged the other fursuiter and the photographer, both of whom are popular and shared it.
Photo 2 - 38 likes. Another professional photo from a con with interaction. Better pose. Photog & other guy tagged.
Photo 3 - Self portrait, solo. Hell yeah trans rights. That's probably why.

Awright, just for fun, I'm going to examine my top 3 self-shared photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. These are the main social platforms on which I post photos weekly. I'll be counting by likes (or equivalent), not views, since how many people the website promotes your stuff to is dependent on a lot of BS, like the time of posting, how quickly you reply to comments, and mystery algorithms. Instagram in particular is notoriously bad about that. Anyway!

Website metrics are weird. A picture that does great on one social network can absolutely tank on another one. Then just when I think I've figured out the demographics, I can't replicate results.
A random photo I consider "low effort" will get tons of attention, leaving me head-scratching as to what exactly it was that people liked. I can try to replicate the content of a previous popular pic of mine, or do some "safe bet content", and it'll get nothing, or negative feedback.

Hey furries! I'm in the market for a new ref sheet of Shetani!
Seeking artist for a flat colored, REALISTIC anthro reference. Emphasis on anatomy/proportion. Bonus points if you like drawing felines and ladies who aren't skinny.
As a ballpark, I'd want at minimum: 2 fullbodies, face and accessory closeups, 3-4 outfit samples, plus the standard text, name, color palette etc.
Tentative completion before Anthrocon.
Show me your stuff or recommend ppl! Thanks! :cheetah:❀️

This is a joke I made on twitter and it got 4 likes so i feel good about it. Everyone look at my joke.

Me 20 years ago: troubleshooting technology for my whole extended family
Me now: weeping quietly as I google "how do I turn on the Steam link"

:cheetah: Shetani :cheetah: boosted

It's nice to have some daylight when I get home from work now, but it still doesn't actually give me any more time in the day to get things done. Ugh!

Do people even do dumb memes like this on Mastodon? Whatever, I have my computer back and I wanna interact with people more here.
Like this thing so I have a sanctioned excuseℒ️ to talk about my fursoΓ±a

bad news: my old laptop shut off and wouldn't turn back on a couple weeks ago
good news: i finally got a new one! it seems okay so far, and it can do this

Imagine what I'd draw if I could draw!

... well, okay, it'd all be uninteresting garbage. But still. Imagine.

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