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Hello! I'm Shetani, she/her, and I'm a king cheetah!

This is a account, so expect to see things like photos of my and art I've commissioned of my ! I run a couple social media accounts and a YouTube channel about . Links to those are in my pinned post.

My other interests include video-and browser-based games, My Chemical Romance, baking, looseleaf tea, cats, amateur video/photo editing, and curating several collections!

"How is the weather down there?" 😏
"Oh, how original." πŸ™„

Athra (Khajiit of unusual size) is @/tseatah
Photo by @/archerwolf126

πŸŽ‰ I'm on my way to Anthrocon! πŸŽ‰
Wanna find me? Look for my fursuit, badges, or ita bags.
My con video:
Come to the Cheet & Greet meetup on Friday at 10 PM in DLCC Room 333!
My homepage:
DM me on Twitter or Telegram if you need to contact me!

A new Cheetah Chat episode is here for you on this ! It's summertime, and con season is in full swing. Knowing what to do in the dealer's room or artist's alley of a convention can be daunting. Here are some tips from an ol' con-going pro!

I hate plain coffee, but it's really nice when my partner makes it for me. She adds a ton of cream and simple syrup and it tastes really good. I had a cup yesterday and I was able to sit down and finish a whole video in one night, and I didn't even feel the need to snack on anything!
I don't wanna become Coffee Drinker ℒ️but maybe a little here and there would help me to focus if I need to get shit done.

Some quick shots of my Deus Hex visor from IllumiCyberwear on Etsy! I loooove how glowy it is.
The strap is way too big for my realistic fursuit head, so I plan to shorten it and add a velcro closure to help it stay on my head and facilitate getting it off and on by myself.
Ordered an outfit to pair with it; hopefully it'll come in time for me to wear to the raves at !

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me: my knees are hurting! what's up with that?
brain 1: you've been exercising a lot lately, they probably need a bit of a break
me: yeah, that sounds pretty reaso-
brain 2: you finally got so heavy that your knees can't support your body weight and they're starting to give out :D
me: oh,... that too i guess...

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hey all! help me buy a desk chair!

the short of it is, i now have a proper desk, but do not yet have a proper desk chair! using crummy chairs that hurt my back right now. if i could get a couple hundred together, i could buy a decent desk chair!

commission info here:



please! save my back!!

🎢 We are family... I got all my cheetahs and me! 🎢
Wanna hang out with me and a bunch of other awesome cheetahs at ? Come to the Cheet & Greet on Friday at 10 PM!
RSVP and add it to your schedule:


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how about some new furry some come along and take the ability to upload more than one image in a submission so you can do themed posts, a functioning block system, a blacklisting system, folders/groups, and furrific's character system and make a whole new furry art site.

cause fa is just stalled and inkbunny is. inkbunny.


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Slowly relearning that I can talk to my friends about things that only I am interested in and they're not going to mind because they're my friends

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Let's have some fun! You're a fashion designer and I'm your new client. What sort of clothing or outfits would you dress me in?

Me at work: this sucks. I wish I was at home right now, I could be working on so many projects
Me, after I come home from work: oh I just............ wanna go on the internet for 5 hours and then go to sleep

I write a very long toot. The second I go to hit send, I get a phone call. Masto immediately says there was no internet connection so the toot went to my drafts. Wifi is not on, I'm on my phone and currently in a vehicle. Last thing in my drafts was from March. Where did it go? What app doesn't keep trying for at least 3 seconds to send a message if there's no signal?

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