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Hello! I'm Shetani, she/her, and I'm a king cheetah!

This is a account, so expect to see things like photos of my and art I've commissioned of my ! I run a couple social media accounts and a YouTube channel about . Links to those are in my pinned post.

My other interests include video-and browser-based games, My Chemical Romance, baking, looseleaf tea, cats, amateur video/photo editing, and curating several collections!


[Faded MCR Shirt]
Basic Apparel | +2 Armor
"This ancient relic is clearly well-worn."

[Masala Chai]
Consumable | + 10 Stamina
"A sweet and comforting treat. Drink it before it cools!"

[Scar Plush]
"Who's the cuddliest fratricidal dictator?"

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hey y'all! new YCH thing!

for $40, you get:

- unique magical hero outfit
- solo drawing (flat color)
- group drawing (flat color)

5 slots! get em while they're open!

DM me if you're interested!

Updating my Amazon wishlist in preparation for the new RedditGift exchanges.
I like to leave unavailable/sold out items on my list because it still helps give people an idea of the things I like. However, I see how that might be annoying to go through from a buyer's perspective.
What do you think?

Still warm enough out for shorts, but cool enough for thigh-highs. Love it.

In case you missed it - I dyed my hair right before Anthrocon! I can't exactly hide it when fursuiting, so I was a little worried, but it went over really well! I love how it makes me feel, and all the compliments I get are such a confidence boost. Based on the positive feedback, I've decided to make galaxy dyed an alternate hair color option for Shetani, and here is my first such art of her!

🎨 : Twitter @/Lynxurious

Read more on Weasyl:

Oh, is it Friday the 13th? Best be careful today... one wrong step out there and you could end up like this poor fella πŸ’€

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x-post from Twitter 

This shirt was a gift for my partner, but I just had to... borrow it for a bit first 🐾
I grabbed this from @pomawanian on Twitter - thanks to them!

I don't know who decided that turning your phone sideways should be a shortcut for "jump to the top of your social media timeline" but they must not drop their phone a lot

Have a rockin' Fursuit Friday from me and Roxxy! 🀘Follow her on Twitter @Roxxy_N_Roll

I made this toot when I had just taken something for my headache and I feel really good. I wish I could still feel this way after I get home from work because I actually feel motivated to want to do stuff right now

You ever think about how, like, you take medicine and then you feel better? I can't believe we invented that. What the fuck




When in doubt...γ€ŒJOJO POSE」 
I wonder what my stand name would be...
(Photo credit to Meats!)

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today is @meatmage 's birthday!!

i've known them about 10 years now; we've lived together for about 5 years; we've been in a loving relationship for about 4 years!

i'm perpetually thankful they came into my life!! πŸ’œ πŸ’š πŸ’œ

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