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Show me the forbidden Skyrim port for nintendo DS

I still haven't watched even a second of stephened universe because I think I'd like it and that's frightening

that pandora's box can stay tightly closed forever, my self esteem is low enough already without adding "stephen universe fangirl" to it

Just listening to the skyrim soundtrack on its own is enough to make me cry

As much as bethesda sucks, skyrim will always be incredibly magical for me. It was a world I could escape to during my worst years and also the first game I ever played with a custom female character. It's a shame to see bethesda running their games into the ground because so many of them hold incredibly intense nostalgia for me.

it fucks me up when people put that loose criss cross pattern on top of pies. the pastry-to-filling ratio in the average pie is WAY too low in the first place and you want to make it lower? really? why not just eat the filling straight

*downs a gallon of milk in one go and slams the carton on the ground, screaming* hey vsauce, Michael here

If someone ever reboots their computer more than 10 times in a day, that's all you have to know to know it was a bad day.

trying to get linux to use my geforce instead of the shitty integrated intel chip has been very very frustrating. I am a few minutes away from physically wrenching that piece of garbage out of my laptop with my bare hands

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boost this toot and ill choose a monster from the 1st edition monster manual that i think exemplifies you

when I was a young warthog,
my father
took me into the city

We all call breaking bad a masterpiece, but that plane crash was some of the most controved soap opera BS ive ever seen outside of an actual soap opera

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A little winter landscape in gouache. This was going to be a study for a larger oil painting but I kinda like it as is 😊

This was done on 6x6 aquaboard, which I’m really loving for water-based paints! Not too expensive and absolutely no buckling or distorting.

#mastoart #CreativeToots #art #gouache #landscape #winter

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