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This month's Patreon sketches are Taurgust themed! Sign up at the Branded tier before the 23rd to get one as well ♥

squee is the embodiment of how I feel when I get compliments. it is so much excitement and appreciation and joy combined with the inability to write an appropriately grateful comment condensed into one word. perfection

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no more memes of "IM SCREAMING" over pictures of people totally nonplussed

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hot take: we need to bring back squee as an emotion

Cover giving you a chance to reconsider this fight you're about to lose.

Wyrth isn't capable of making his own flame, so sire Skarn shows him what it's like.

Arc pushing hair out of his face and resetting his balance, ready for the next bout. comm for DusterFox on twt!

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My patron Warrick gave me the prompt REVENGE this week, and as an elementalist he knows of course that this is a dish best served cold.

Thank you for your (very warm) support! 😼

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more buff battle cats, still very lightly clothed 

They keep getting bigger! Group picture featuring Kuragari’s charr Yami Whitemane, Ferox Blackmane, and Kernas Schi, with my warrior in the middle. At least he’s not the smallest one!

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My patron Tabra gave me the prompt SPICY this time, and I found this shirt while browsing for references…

Sirama Pyreheart and sire Sylus Blazereave duke it out elementalist style in the bitter cold of Northern Drizzlewood.

Characters belong to SadiraVolantes on twitter

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ad for vrchat avatar 

Published another little update for my black jaguar avatar, adding PhysBones to the feet so they move more realistically when they come in contact with the ground. (AKA, dynamic beans!)

Free update, see my previous tweet for store links. Thanks again @Rengyr for the help!

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support a jaguar (patreon/ko-fi ad) 

If you enjoy my art and would like to support my work, I'd love to welcome you on my Patreon! See high-res renders, alternate perspectives, WIPs, and join our cozy Discord. Similar benefits available via Ko-fi!

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PoV: You’ve tried to duel an elementalist. It did not go well.

For the prompt PATHETIC from my patron Ignado! I thought I’d try a first-person perspective for this. Not sure where it’s taking place—probably some Flame Legion shenanigans…

Ren keeps his staff at the ready, knowing that Sho, having just snapped his over a knee, will spring back into action at any second.

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