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ALRIGHT! This'll take a minute, but I'd love to introduce all of my ocs to this account. I do not have the banner of all of them yet, so we're making a reply chain.

First 4: !G0R the Protogen, Aria the River Otter, Bumble the Pine Marten, Crash the Gray Wolf


am i the only person that likes sex but hates making out

Like please put your tongue anywhere besides in my mouth


i'm not a needy bottom, i'm not a needy bottom, i'm not a needy bottom, i'm not-

My fursuit maker is finishing up the guy in the queue before me and is almost ready to start on my suit! I'm so excited


tfw you commission one of your favorite artists for lewds and it's coming out Amazing

spent two solid minutes trying to figure out where the e goes in sauerkraut

Long days ahead. Today is 10.5 hours of work, tomorrow is 12. Least next week my hours are a little shorter

11 1/2 hour day at work. Wish me luck. Next saturday is 12

Does anyone pair their characters together, like imagining them as a couple? Because I do. Recently I've been pairing my boys Goldfinger and Oscar.

Drugs, weed 

Wake and bake ~


god i am horny as fuck tonight for no reason at all

Drugs, weed 

I got a new weed pen and this shit hits so much harder than my last one

nsfw, hyper, huge dicks 

i have an urge to get art of crash impaled on the Fattest cock

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