Welp. I did not expect to come out.

I don't know how long I'll stay out, I think it was @moonbolt::everyone keeping me out, but. It's good to be out again. =^.^=

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TFW you type your post into the search box instead of the post box. >,,>

Apparently I keep getting logged out all the time! Wonder why it's not saving my cookies.

[this is not a request for help, just a slight gripe]

Huh. I think having my own account is bringing me out front more.

That's interesting.

Okay, having my own account is so nice. Now Topaz and Fenris want one too. (:

We found this profile picture just now on very short notice, but it is so me.


Ohhh, it does it when you lock your account.

Weird design, that.

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Grahr, and of course I totally forgot to actually change that setting. :P

...why is followers-only the default? I certainly didn't set that. That's weird.


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