A still from the apparently forthcoming Addams Family animated feature:

posting this again on a not-dead account:

I want someone to start a community, cooperative wireless ISP in seattle.

I don't have the energy to do it myself. what I do have is lots of excess bandwidth.

wobscale will, at no charge, provide transit to a co-op with the purpose of providing residential internet access to underserved areas of seattle (those that do not currently have plentiful gigabit-to-the-home options).

I also, like, ran a WISP in a past life, so you can pick my brain about it too.

Just took macOS Mojave for a spin earlier today, installing to a fast USB stick, and I'm delighted to report that continues to chug along, years after its discontinuation. ^_^

That had been my primary concern, TBH, as I'm not generally fond of Adobe's UX, Lightroom unfortunately included - Aperture remains the best photography DAM anywhere. (Serif is rumored to be working on something along those lines, but it could be a while before that appears)

Just a quick paw wave from my shiny new backup account, as lgbt.io seems to be in need of some time to itself. =:)

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