buh, shopping for gifts online that aren't made in china is like trying to find the hay in a needle stack.

*whispering loudly* I don't trust anime pfps.

just personal experience.

still not 100% certain what this does though. I guess it's like a regular boost for followers exclusively, though I can't see the difference it makes from my dashboard (or my profile page as they're hidden anyway). oh well.

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or rather, I realized just now that toot submissions are set to follower only by default after locking your account. I guess it's actually pretty neat, albeit not super obvious.

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oops I made my toots follower only again.

really wishing more media sharing capable social networking platforms (aside from mastodon obviously) would have some sort of content/spoiler warning tagging feature, but we all know that won't happen any time soon in the name of "encouraging social networking and engagement" on those platforms.

mastodon has spoiled me greatly.

fingers crossed on hl: alyx workshop tools dropping soon.

yooo... what are the chances of getting 2 weeks of big turnip spikes back to back.

boiled eggs and coffee for breakfast, baby, boiled eggs and coffee.

[crawling back to my personal space] I am done with social media for the day.

mood: thinking about making [insert script or web application for a very niche range of uses] and fuming with excitement.

bah, no getting around that download speed. firefox was consistently hiccuping on this file for some reason, hence the reason for switching to wget.

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boy, there sure are a lot of video game leaks happening lately.

played some RA2 in OpenRA for a bit and wow, it was surprisingly functional and enjoyable. it's seriously come a long way for them to get the game to the playable state it's in now.

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