@hack13 yeah, it'd make my Chromebook so much more useful. It'd be awesome. :3

@Marzimaned@snouts.online @bre@snouts.online I feel like I should get some art of my Sona with boots like those. I love it!

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@pdtodd Fennecs have helped me to understand so much about myself that I don't think I could have understood otherwise 😊 It was so hard for me to leave the pen once I saw them, and it was just... It was one of the highest highlights of my life in quite a while 🙂

@MadestMadness oh my gosh. Those sound like absolutely precious moments. I love it when someone really loves their species. I've seen some furs get super giddy when they see their species at a zoo and such. :3

@MadestMadness yeah. I take a lot of pictures when I go to cons, hike, or just spend time with friends. I'd be really upset if a bunch of those were suddenly lost.

@MadestMadness I believe that rsync is what you need, then. Here's a good looking tutorial for using it over ADB. :3

Work, Nsfw... iterally 

@Walpurgisyiff@snouts.online well, there are always people who are above managers. All it can take is one or two reports to HR.

@MadestMadness I feel like ADB is what people usually go to when they need to go to it for something. I'm a bit curious, why use ADB instead of the graphical interface? Sorry if this seems like a novice question.

Work, Nsfw... iterally 

@Walpurgisyiff@snouts.online oh jeez. I'd just keep my distance from that till they have some accident. If they keep doing it, it's likely that they'll get caught by the wrong manager or something.

Work, Nsfw... iterally 

@Walpurgisyiff@snouts.online oh gosh. I know what you mean. I'm just used to having one or two prudish co-workers among others who casually talk about sexuality. It really depends on the workplace environment, I think.

Work, Nsfw... iterally 

@Walpurgisyiff@snouts.online I mean, there isn't anything bad about some groping as long as both parties are consenting. :3


@Sky I'm not interested in random RP. Especially not on a public micro blog. Sorry. X3


@Sky gosh! Someone seems to have an active libido. :3

@Mycroft that is really awesome! I love it when new platforms use tried and true tools for it's foundation. Makes me feel like what I'm using is more solid. :3

@XenobladeBunny@snouts.online now you're just trying to be difficult, haha. :3


@jankar89 okay, that's good. I was just imagining how bad mixing something like a pale ale with orange juice would be. X3

@XenobladeBunny@snouts.online still not bad for a con. Who knows, in time you could move in with some close friends that you make. Just push yourself to meet new people with an open heart and everything else will follow. :3

@Mycroft that's still really awesome that you can fork the server and still have it be compatible with such modifications. I'll stick with the standard, though. :3

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