if you're printing from linux to something on a windows box (SMB), does linux need printer drivers installed?

@patterfloof It's something like 15 years since I tried something like this, but from memory, yes. Windows SMB does provide a secret $folder with the drivers in, though of course it's for the wrong platform, but good for getting the printer names and dev IDs.
I'm afraid I can't help much more. :s

@SDF_of_BC yeah, it's something I've been away from. Haven't had a printer for a few years & last one was proper PCL linux compatible, not some cheap "windows or x86/64 only"

my usable linux server's a pi but it's the wrong architecture for the drivers

@patterfloof can't you recompile the Linux drivers for the printer though?

@SDF_of_BC :D it's a Wintendo GDI printer. While I can download drivers from the manufacturer, they're pre-compiled

@patterfloof Yeah but there is a lot of Linux alternative printer drivers out there that work with gh or cups. Even if they're not official.

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