I've got an article about getting started on Mastodon as a user that I'm publishing today, but forgot something that I should cover: how do you find people after joining an instance?

Anyone got good tips that they'd like to be quoted on?


@david there was a twitter sync tool (mastodon bridge?) when I migrated, so found some of my current accounts to follow.

Other than that, mostly skimming the local & federated timelines for anything interesting.

there are profile directories on some instances, you can browse those & add your own profile to them, and your profile isn't in this public directory by default.

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@patterfloof I do wish that the bridge still functioned, especially now that it'd probably find more people that I follow on Twitter.

Profile directories are a good idea! Do you prefer if I do or don't quote/link you in the piece for that?

@david don't mind if you quote me on this, though of course its stuff without research that I simply remember seeing around

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