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Finally logged back in because birdsite is full of people being upset about the summary of the Mueller report and I'm sick of people who were pinning their hopes on Mueller saving the day.

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I wrote a thread about the things sexual assault survivors tell ourselves to avoid confronting trauma, and how so many off those things are being used in defense of Kavanaugh.


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So… I’m a rape survivor. I don’t talk about it much, but there you are. What happened today makes me so filled with rage I can’t even put words to it. All of those evil men need an awakening to empathy. And *ANY* senator that votes for Kavanaugh needs voted out.

the future we wanted: *smooth robot voice* your housing unit is clean, sirs

the future we got: *roomba gets itself stuck under the coffee table by knocking the hot pads off and then running over them and then whines at my phone in computer*


It's really frustrating to me that I can't find information on what is going to be on the ballot in my district. There's like a month and a week to go, and I really don't like leaving things to the last minute.

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Nope. I can navigate the menu with WASD, but not SELECT anything because apparently the only way to SELECT an option is to click on it. Which
1) Defeats the purpose of using WASD on menus
2) Is a real problem when the mouse cursor is restricted to an area of the screen THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE MENU.

Dev hasn't supported the game since last year, so I guess that is it for Husk.

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*craptop. Not desktop. I don't have a desktop, I just apparently hadn't taught this phone that word yet.

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I sure would like to say nice things about this game. I surely would.

But there are... Problems.

I can't access the options menu, since it's below the range the mouse cursor will reach. The game menu looks sweet but frame rate is awful on the desktop and there are input lags.

Voice acting in the opening cutscene is nearly as stiff as the dialogue itself, but it's a small indie title.

Frame rate is just killing me here. In hoping I can access options after starting.

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So @CaseyExplosion was giving away Steam keys today on Twitter and being the sort of person who will play anything if it looks interesting enough, I thought I'd ask her for a key for "Husk," an indie survival horror game. The game has mixed reviews but the screenshots looked atmospheric af and hey. Free. She sent me the key and I just finished installing and... Well damn. (Thread inbound.)

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Hey. Has anyone heard of some guy in the furry community going by Aeternum? He's making some pretty fucking wild claims about his technical chops and reputation in gaming/furry communities, and is apparently trying to start up a murrsuit site. I got in touch with him, and some of the things I'm seeing and hearing are putting me off-kilter.


i didn't check the side effects for these pills, so i guess i'd better get used to being your naga

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I have reached that stage in having an abscessed tooth where instead of pain or uncomfortable pressure, it just seeps a horrible taste into my mouth constantly.

But hey, when you can't afford a dentist and the clinic for poor people has a waiting list several months long, you can learn to live with almost anything.

We have a text-only version of our website for anyone who needs to stay up-to-date on Hurricane Florence news and keep their battery and data usage to a minimum:

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This is just... It's just words and shapes, Ben. It's like Stream-of-Consciousness bullshit.

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- Bosses and minibosses (Titan thugs, lieutenants, enforcers) which frequently require stuns and beatdowns.
- Shields require a stun->jumping smash

Predator encounters can be strictly silent takedowns, which, as sleeper holds, are as nonviolent as Bats gets.

Keep in mind that even following this "nonviolent" route, Batman racks up a body count.

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So I took another look at Arkham Origins, and here are the mandatory exceptions to counters only that I can see:
- Body armor requires a combo takedown or a beat down. No amount of counters will do it.
- Firearms cannot be countered. Until combo disarm is available, armed enemies must be knocked down. Slide trip maybe? Does Asylum have slide-trip as a move, or is it only City or later? Does Origins Blackgate?
- Mandatory wall takedowns and other tutorial-type encounters

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I really need to see if there's a way to block any post that contains "boost if"

Posts like this bothered the fuck out of me on Twitter and they do even more so here.

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