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I find it interesting that pretty much every American I've ever heard talk about food (both friends and like, people with cooking channels on Youtube) said they wouldn't ever pick mushrooms in the forest for eating.

I think this must be a cultural difference. I know a *lot* of people in Poland who pick mushrooms both for fun and for culinary reasons.

I just find this disconnect a bit amusing, and I wonder what the reasons are.

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The US has a lot of forests, and they're probably full of amazing wild mushrooms to pick. And Americans don't seem, as a nation, averse to food gotten in the wild. A lot of y'all hunt, for instance.

Now it's important, and I can't emphasise it enough - if you don't know what you're doing, and know it WELL, don't pick mushrooms. If you have doubt about a mushroom, or even a suggestion of doubt, don't pick it. You *will* die, and it will be an unpleasant death.


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Heck, let's do a poll for this. Since I'm pretty curious how my anecdotal experience talking to people translates to broader trends.

Do you, or have you picked mushrooms on your own? And where do you live?

(only four options allowed per poll, so if you're not in the US, give me an indication in a comment where you live. I imagine this might vary wildly over the world)

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Yes, I live in Poland.

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@oddtail Sweden, went hunting for some Karljohanssvamp with my grandfather.

I don't think I'd quite dare doing it on my own, I got actual training in biology and field identification and it still seems to me that some mushrooms you know are inedible only after you've tried one and fallen down dead.

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@oddtail in the US—i'm not much for mushrooms, but i have picked a few morels that were growing near my mom's house. morels are the big mushroom people forage here to my knowledge. it's kinda like hunting i think—sure, plenty of people to do it, but it's a small proportion of the ~300 million people here. (hunting is also often an excuse to get drunk and hang out in the woods, so take america's "hunting" culture with a grain of salt)

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@oddtail I'm in the UK and I think I've only done it once

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@oddtail that's awesome that it's so common in Poland! my friend is very into mushroom picking and mycology generally, but yeah in the US it is more of that; a special interest.

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@oddtail in the region I grew up (New York) I remember constantly being told you should NEVER eat anything you find in the woods.

But when I lived in Iowa, there's a pretty well-established "morel hunting season," so much so there are front page newspaper articles when it begins, and everyone has opinions on the best places to forage.

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@oddtail we had a boatload of morel mushrooms that grew outside my parents house so we picked those all the time but nothing else

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@oddtail I live in southern Germany. Plenty of people around here pick their own mushrooms. You can go on guided mushroom tours with professionals who show you which mushrooms to pick and which to avoid. Since I never had anyone teach me about poisonous shrooms, I don't pick myself. There are poisonous shrooms in my area and every year during mushroom season, amateur mushroom pickers end up in the emergency room.

@oddtail I do, in the US, but my fickle fingers tapped the I Don't button accidentally.

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@oddtail I'm from Iceland and I know people who pick mushrooms but I have never done so myself. Berries are more commonly picked and I've often done that.
I get the feeling there aren't many dangerous mushrooms here that aren't obviously so. Not that I'd take that risk.

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@oddtail Northern Germany

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