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When you donate blood, your body's back to its original state within 2 months at most. I don't mean "you're at your 100%" - that happens within 24 hours or so. I mean - the body regenerates all that it's lost in that timeframe.

Yet nobody can *force* you to give blood. Not even to save a life. Ppl with rare blood types *would* save lives if their blood was taken against their will.

Why, then, would pregnancy be mandatory, even if a fetus was a person?

medical, abortion rights, boosts ok 

It's the literal same principle. Nobody argues you can take a person's kidney (that won't kill most people) against their will, nobody argues you can even take blood, which would impact them for 2 months or so.

But it's possible in many places to force a person to act as life support for 9 months.

The only reason people argue that's different is for emotional reasons, and because that happens inside a person's body.

But that's NOT a coherent argument.

medical, abortion rights, boosts ok 

@oddtail because in the US you have a right to bodily autonomy. That right is not enshrined in law; its a consequence of the Constitution that was codified by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade.

So, yeah, if it were repealed and no law was introduced to restore it, IANAL, but there is a legal construction where someone could in fact legislate that you must donate blood if able.

medical, abortion rights, boosts ok 

@oddtail hence why everyone is freaking the fuck out

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