LGBT rights, Poland, please boost 

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Today, the Polish parliament will read a proposed law that makes it illegal to "promote homosexuality", including - I am not exaggerating - pretty much ANY positive talk of LGBT+ people and their rights in public settings.

And foreign media seem almost entirely silent on this.

The law was drafted a while ago, but didn't get into the Parliament for procedural reasons.

It EXPLICITLY bans e.g.:

LGBT rights, Poland, please boost 

* talking about LGBT ppl/issues in schools;
* Pride marches and any other LGBT-related public events;
* public endorsement of same-sex marriage or rights;

You read that right. If you say "I think gay people should get to be married" in a public setting, the new law states that you'd be committing a crime.

I know not everyone is equally passionate about LGBT activism, but this is actual insanity.

LGBT rights, Poland, please boost 

I'm just so tired right now.

By the way - I'm not providing sources, because even Polish-language articles about this seem to be mostly behind paywalls or otherwise difficult to access.

And there aren't that many in the first place.

Anyone reading this, feel free to add links to sources in comments.

LGBT rights, Poland, please boost 

@oddtail eng lang source:

This is also not the only anti lgbtq proposal thats been considered lately it appears, a very similar bill was considered in November of last year (also in response to a petition: ) and the polish government has announced plans to ban queer people from adopting children:


LGBT rights, Poland, please boost 

@Satsuma thank you for digging up the sources.

I am literally too tired to bother RN. This sort of shit should be all over mainstream Western media without a random dude on Mastodon having to talk about it.

I know, it's a poor excuse to write source-less, but it's just so infuriating.

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LGBT rights, Poland, please boost 

@oddtail yeah i completely understand! Your post had all the info I needed to find a source, and now it’s attached to the post for anyone else who wants to verify so it worker out I think

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