One of the shittiest things about my body is that it's extremely susceptible to caffeine. On the one hand, I can drink a Coke or whatever to easily wake up. On the other hand, when I'm working and overdo caffeine even a little, I get at an energy level where every individual atom in my body vibrates at high enough speeds to open portals to other dimensions.

Caffeine, if I don't watch it, makes me irritable, unfocused and uncomfortably energetic. And therefore relatively unproductive. Lame.

To give you an idea what I mean. I tend to avoid drinking more than the equivalent of one strong coffee in a day. Every time I've ever drank more caffeine than ~3 reasonably strong coffees contain, the results were not pretty.

I know the body develops resistance to caffeine SUPER-fast, but ppl who drink like 5 or 10 coffees/day and SURVIVE seem like superheroes for me. If I drank four regular coffees in a single day, I'd do nothing for the rest of the day, and not sleep the next night (or 2).

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As a result, I envy any person who can just drink a coffee (or a strong tea, whatever) every time they feel tired and need a boost. I can do such a thing maybe once per day. Any more and I'll be useless.

Which means that if I'm drowsy and I've had my can of Coke or two that day, tough shit, I'm gonna be drowsy if I want to preserve a semblance of good physical well-being.

@oddtail Do you also eat? Coffee can't bring out energy that isn't there. It certainly doesn't give you any itself, that's a misconception.

@claude Yeah, whenever I drink any caffeeine at all, I make sure to eat healthy, full meals.

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