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So, hey, I'm a translator. And I'm pretty much *always* looking for more work.

I translate to and from Polish.

Not the most in-demand language in the English-speaking world, but if you need a translation done or know someone who does, hit me up.

I'm good at what I do, I have low rates, and I can work pretty damn fast if that's what you need.

I am also pretty versatile, I've translated everything from literature to marketing to technical stuff.

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Might as well do this.

Hi! I'm a leftist, furry nerd from Poland, 32 y.o.

I'm shy/socially inept, but always vaguely hope to talk/befriend new people, esp. online (so talk to me about whatever). Both online and IRL, I default to treating everyone as a friend unless given a reason not to.

I'm a cis guy (pronouns he/him), but if you're a furry - I'm vastly more comfortable and less prone to anxiety if you assume I'm a woman (she/her) and if we interact as such online.

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language learning 

language learning 

language learning 

This made my day. I just had to share it.

If you don't speak Polish (and why would you?), the text reads:

"People on the Internet get upset for no good reason. I recommend colouring books as a stress relief."

It continues to amuse me that Hangeul (the Korean alphabet - by the way, it's one of the most brilliant pieces of design in the history of mankind, fight me) was heavily opposed by the educated population when it was introduced in the 15th century.

They had a problem with the fact that the new system would be too easy to learn, and therefore the writing system borrowed from China was superior.

Also, I'm getting back to learning Korean basics after a break. How's your morning (or whatever)? =)

After the Notre Dame fire, millionaires/billionaires were quick to promise money, 850 M€ in total. Apparently, the money collected so far is about 40 M€.

Rich people can't be trusted even when they have a sudden attack of conscience or whatever and VOLUNTEER their money. Remember that.

weight loss 

weight loss 

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So now, to upgrade this lil' PC... If anyone has a spare, knows someone, has any tips in general, actively looking for:
·An Ad-Lib 8bit ISA sound card (or clones)
·A 5.25" floppy drive (360KB ones are enough for my usecase)

That can be shipped to France, at a reasonable price (oh boy the ebay listings...)

Other items, not really as high on my list, but would be nice to have:
·A soundblaster ISA sound card
·2.88MB 3¼" floppy drive

Boosts welcome!


Ending a Toot (or Tweet) with "don't @ me" is lazy, obnoxious, somewhat condescending and entirely unncecessary. Don't @ me.

You'd need to switch colours around, but hear me out:

Emotions from "Inside Out" as Green Lantern Corps, as well as other colour Lanterns.

It'd be the best Marvel/DC crossover ever!

I've had my dog for about a year and a half now, but I still sometimes need to physically stop myself from squeeing when I see how excited the little guy gets when he's running around.

I'm so tired. No particular reason. Life is just... too much right now.

And the bad part is, I feel like that on the tail-end of my vacation. In a few days, it's back to work, I sure hope I am not that (mentally) exhausted in three days' time =/

Isn't time off work supposed to recharge your batteries? I'm clearly doing "vacation" wrong.

(3/2, LOL)

This calculation, by the way, ignores the baseline energy your body needs. On a long journey, that base energy will add up fast, so a pace of 3 km/h is probably not the optimal pace to save energy long-term.


So walking slowly is more reasonable than walking fast if you want to travel a long distance without getting tired (or on little food), but as long as you're running, it doesn't matter if it's a light jog or a run at a very brisk pace. I'd say that's counterintuitive for me.

Incidentally, riding a bicycle is more energy efficient than anything but a VERY slow walk (on a per-kilometre basis). While being so much faster. Bikes are really among the most brilliant inventions ever. Seriouly.


Here's a fun fact. I looked up metabolic rates for various physical activities, notably walking/jogging/running.

Of course, the energy per minute goes up (and quickly) with walking/running speed.

But if you calculate by distance, slow walks are much more energy efficient than fast walks. Running, on the other hand, is about as energy efficient regardless of speed (in the range of 9 km/h to 15 km/h). The extra energy spent cancels out with the less time spent to cover the distance.

autism spectrum 

autism spectrum 

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